Monday, October 3, 2011

I Am A Child of God words By Me

As I was reading my FB posts LDS Conference had made a post that they were looking for new verses to "I Am A Child of God"  I went to the TF temple and as I was sitting in that peaceful setting these words started playing out in my mind.  I typed part of them up and submitted them.  They were chosen so I had a family that my mom loved sing the lines and upload it to the LDS Conference page.  Later I received an e-mail that they had uploaded my verses with a video on U-Tube.  If you would like to see the video go to U-tube and type in "I Am A Child of God, words by Lorie Bishop "  It is pretty neat to watch ....not that I'm partial since it was my words lol

I am a child of God

His love for me Divine.

He fills my soul with peace and love

When life becomes unkind.

He leads me

Guides me

Walk’s beside me,

Showing me the way

Knowing He is always near

 Brings great peace

to this child’s soul.

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