Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthday Memories

I just celebrated another birthday and have another cherished memory to add to my mental photo album.  President Faust made this comment, "There is a difference between presents and gifts.  The true gifts may be a part of ourselves giving the riches of the heart and mind.  Therefore, more enduring and of greater worth than the presents bought at the store.  And of course among the greatest of gifts is the gift of love."
I guess with my "old age" I have found myelf reflecting on the best birthday's I have had the privelege of having.  One of my first memories of birthday's was the love that my mom would put into planning the perfect day for me.  The one thing that sticks out most is the birthday's when I was surrounded by all my family and listening to them sing "Happy Birthday."  I believe that is one of my most cherished due to the fact that all of them are now on the other side but I can still feel their great love and I still hear them singing Happy Birthday to me.

My next special birthday memory was my 32nd birthday.  That birthday forever changed my life's course.  That special day was spent in the Salt Lake Temple.  Just me, my family on the other side and my Heavenly Father.  I still have snap shots of that very special day play out in my mind and a peace that settles deep within my soul.  It was that special day I found out for myself that The Lord knew my name by heart and I was truly His daughter.
Another special birthday memory involves a very special gift from a Loving Heavenly Father to a hurt and broken little girl.  I had lost my poppers and was feeling lost and alone; When I was awakened in the wee hours of the morning and prompted to go to our big window and look outside.  There lightly falling on the ground was the most beautiful snow I had ever seen.  As I gazed upon its beauty I felt loving arms wrap around me and heard a loving voice that was so very familiar, "Happy Birthday Lorie."  I can't remember how long I stood at the window in those loving arms watching the snow fall but soon my eyes grew tired and I returned back to bed.  Upon awakening I quickly jumped up expecting to see snow all over the ground but there was none to be found.  But I knew a Loving Heavenly Father reached out to comfort His heart broken little girl with one of  her all time favorite things....snow.
This birthday I just celebrated is also going on that list.  I learned a new tradition that I am going to continue from here on out.  Birthday cookies for my special friends.

What made this one so special were the gifts I received.  I received so many beautiful smiles, loving embraces and off key loving friends singing, "Happy Birthday" but then one special friend who does not show emotion or like to touch or be touched tentatively tapped me on the shoulder to get my attention and when I turned to face her wrapped her arms around me and wished me a Happy birthday.
Then to top it off as with all my birthday's I spent time with my special friends doing various activites and my best friend taking me to dinner.  Two friends are always there for my fave guys and I's dinner date.  This year another special friend and I attempted to create a crafty project.  Hers turned out divine, mine is a work in progress and of course another loyal friend once again baked me a birthday cake filled with love and then all the birthday wishes from those who surround me.

You know President Faust is right I cannot remember the birthday gifts from one year to another but I sure remember the love and thought that went into the gifts because they were given from the heart but the greatest gift for me has been my friends willingness to share their time and talents with me.
Every year I spend my birthday in the Temple.  If I am working on my birthday I spend my days off in the Temple; To show my Father my great thanks for all the wonderful gifts He so lovingly has bestowed on me.

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