Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hidden In My Heart

I've been reflecting on comments people have made concerning the healing of my knee. 
Most are, "You sure are walking good." 
Then in between the lines, "You must be healed." 

As I have thought about the various comments and reactions, I have learned that people are quick to look only at the surface of things and not many care to dig deeper. 
Yes, I am walking better yet I still can't kneel down and get myself back up, my knee is still weak and I need assistance getting back up. 
My knee gets fatigued very easily and it doesn't take much to knock me down
due to the weakness of my knee.

That got me thinking about our spiritual knees. 

This past Thursday my Physical Therapist released me due to there is no more he can do with my knee.
 One of the tests he had me do was walk up and down a flight of stairs without hanging onto the hand rail.  Going up I was strong and confident coming down I started having a panic attack. 
My heart started pounding, my hands started sweating and I had this immense fear of falling take over and doing a face plant. 
At the bottom of the stairs my therapist held his arms out to reassure that he would catch me if I fell. 
He also spoke reassuringly that I was doing great.
But yet I was still in a state of panic.
 My knee held up just fine and I knew my fears were all in my mind,
 yet I just could not ease my fears of re-injuring my knee. 

How often does our Heavenly Father ask us to come down the stairs and He is there waiting with outstretched arms and offering words of assurance; yet, we still battle our spiritual panic attacks? 
I have never been one for panic attacks but since injuring my knee I am finding myself more cautious and more apt to have panic attacks which has made me realize that I have had countless spiritual panic attacks where I have doubted that my Father could do all that He has promised He could do.

I have also come to realize that we are quick to judge by what we see outwardly and we do not take the time to see what is happening inwardly. 
We have so much to learn from our Father who "looks upon the heart."
As these thoughts were running thru my mind this song I learned long ago seems to tie in perfectly with what I have been reflecting on.  It is called Hidden In My Heart:

In the shadows of myself far to deep for hurting eyes
from the stage of outward acts a soul desires to arise
Please don't look at what you see when our troubles makes us part
For I know you'll want to love what lies hidden deep within my heart
Theres a struggle deep within causing torment and disdain
Why must goodness go unseen, why this barrier remain
I have feelings no one knows; Joys and lights on my life's chart
But dark clouds obscure them all for they're hidden deep within my heart
yes, their hidden in my heart.

I've decided to really look and listen to those around me because just like me on the outside they may appear healed but on the inside they are far from healed.  May we take the time and make the effort to follow our Father's example and not be quick to judge and to look upon the hearts of our fellow man; He only, truly knows what is hidden deep within their hearts.


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