Sunday, January 22, 2012

Faith In Every Footstep

Had a really rough night last night with a situation that was very sad.  I once read where the Lord counseled Emma Smith in my words/paraphrased, "love and support your husband when all collapses around him."  I am now finding myself in a situation where I hear this whisper inside my heart, "love and support your husband with all your heart." 

Life has chosen to throw us an interesting curve ball; This is a whole new challenge for me but with the Lord's guidance we will make it through hopefully with just a few scrapes and minor cuts.
 I received my first scrape and cut last night and it was quite painful.

In the wee hours of the morning just as I was starting to drift off into a so so restful sleep the phone rang and I was called into work early early.  My second thought, "what next???  I'm already licking wounds from previous scrape and now I have no time to prepare myself so I can go into work with my usual smile."
I tried my best to put forth my best face but they know me so well over and over I was asked,
"Are you okay?  Are you having a good day?  Can we help?"
There kindness about toppled me over the mountain of tears. 

Once again as I was standing at my med cart trying to bring composure to myself, out of an open door I heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing "Faith in Every Footstep".

Peace immediately flooded into my tattered and torn heart and just as the song was finishing it was as if someone had hit the replay button. 
Three times I heard: "With faith in every footstep, we follow Christ the Lord and filled with hope thru His pure love we sing with one accord"

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