Monday, January 30, 2012

A Ha moments

Have you noticed there are special and brief moments where as you are there drinking in that very special moment the veil to the other side is parted for one quick second and you are allowed a quick glance which takes your breath away and you have the "A Ha" moment.
For me it seems those moments are to far and inbetween but when I am a part of those moments it is forever engraven in my heart to be a cherished memory.
I first started noticing my "A Ha" moments when I was taking care of my poppers.  That was a very special moment in my life that has made me the mushie sap you see today.  You know, no offense mom, my most cherished lessons that sank deep into my heart were taught to me by my popppers.  After all I was a daddy's girl.  Not that mom did not try but she wanted me to learn boring stuff like cookin and cleanin yuko!  But we will discuss that another day:)
The other day at work as I was adminsitering some medication to a very sick young man, he opened his eyes wide and started smiling.  As his smile grew wider, I found myself glimpsing into this young mans valiant, tired and old soul.  I'm not sure how long we visited but we had our "A Ha" moment which gave me an increase of love and admiration for those who are fighting a mental disabliltiy.  The one power that gripped me as he sat there smiling and looking at me was the pure love that filled his beautiful eyes.  I learned a great lesson that day.

One other "A Ha" moment I would like to share is with one of my adopted grandmas.  Her memory had been dimmed for many years.  One evening as we sat in the dining room and I assisted her with her supper, she reached for my hand and I could see the dark shades that had been covering her mind were slowly rising and she started talking to me, really talking to me.  She visited about the love of her life and her second love, her children.  It was such a beautiful moment I found myself tearing up.  Then the blinds lowered and she was once again gone. Again I learned a powerful lesson.  Love is what matters.

There was no shortage of love surrounding me.  Mom, poppers, all the extended family and adopted extended family made sure that I was loved.
I am grateful for my "A Ha" moments and hope to continue to be open and receptive when they come but the greatest "A Ha" moment is when I am driving home from a long day at work and The Lord's artistic talent in nature comes into play.  Those are truly the greatest "A Ha" moments.

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