Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Least of These

Then shall the righteous answer him saying,
Lord when saw we thee an hungered, and fed thee?
or thirsty, and gave thee drink?

When saw we thee a stranger and took thee in?
or naked, and clothed thee?
or when we saw thee sick, or in prison
and came unto thee?
And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you,
Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.

In my chosen profession you would associate compassion as one of the traits one would have.
I am shocked and surprised by how little compassion is shown. 
The hearts of man have truly turned cold.

In today's world it appears that there is a judgement passed on who deserves ones compassion and if you do not meet their criteria you are met with indifference.
I have been told countless times thru-out my life, "you are just to sensative, you need to toughen up!"
I have reflected on this comment numerous time thru-out my life and there was a time I attempted to live up to what other people thought would be a better me and you know what I was miserable and hollow inside.

You see I've been surrounded by examples of compassion that has defined and refined me to who I am today.
 I have seen my family countless times reaching out and helping whom ever they felt needed their help. 
There was no judgement or requirement needed.
 The one poingnant story I learned was from my mother. 
She had a nursing heart. 

She took her mother into her home when she was dying and loved and nurtured her until she took her final breath wrapped in the loving arms of my mother. 

Her younger sister had blood poisoning, my mother moved her into her home and took care of her and her young toddler. 
Her sister took her last breath wrapped in the loving arms of my mother after my mother promised to care of her toddler son. 
True to her word, my mother took her sister's little boy home and her and my poppers raised him. 
How he loved my mother and poppers for their love and sacrifice for him.

How do I know, he was the man who adopted me and then gave me to his Aunt and Uncle to raise as their own because of his great love for them; in his words, "I could not bear to break my Aunt Laura's heart by taking you away from them."

My poppers mother was diagnosed with cancer in the bones. 
My mother moved her into their home to take care of her and in my mother's words,
"I would sit and hold her up so she could rest because the pain was so intense she could never sleep.
 I would hold her for hours and when my body started screaming out in pain I would continue to hold her because she so needed the rest."

I wonder how many today would make that sacrifice for a loved one let alone a stranger.

I have many more examples from my family that I could share.
Being surrounded by that kind of unconditional love and sacrifice is it any wonder I am sensitive?

The Savior has counseled, "When ye have done it unto the least of have done it unto me."
I witnessed the love of the Savior each and everytime my family did unto the least of these.

Another example that inspired me was a story I had read about James A Talmage. 
I believe it was during the small pox epidemic. 
Three small children having been exposed to the virus were in the last stages of their mortal life. 
The disease had taken their parents and no one else wanted to be around them
 in fear of catching the disease. 

Elder Talmage was holding the littlest one and walking around with her trying to console her.
 The point that inspired me was this comment, "She was so frail and so sick. 
And even with her coughing in my face I could not bear to put her down and leave her comfortless in these last few moments of life." 
That remarkable man's example still gives me chills and tears in my eyes when I visualize him in my minds eye rocking that dear child and walking the floor with her trying to console her. 
Especially knowing that the disease she had was highly contagious and deadly.

It brings great peace to my heart knowing that there is one who smiles on high when he witnesses those acts of unconditional love and great shall be their reward.

My sensitivity has established a great relationship with my Savior that has brought me such peace and joy.  With His great and loving hands guiding me I am coming to know what it truly means to
 "love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and thy all thy might and all thy strength
and to love thy neighbor as thyself."

Yes I am sensitive but I would not change any of it for one tiny bit of indifference.

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