Friday, January 6, 2012

The Lord God Created Them All

Ever since I can remember I have been a critter person, they have all held a special place in my heart.  Their beauty and magnifience has always taken my breath away.  I was taught to love and repect them.  As a young child I used to feed the wild squirrels that roamed around my Uncle Vics cabin in West Yellowstone.  I'm not sure how long it took but they would come to me, sit on their hunches and take the food out of my extended hand and eat there close to me.  They knew they were safe from harm from me.
I once found a wounded baby crow; me being me I brought the little bird home and with my parents help we raised him.  I named him Caw.  We had a redwood fence surrounding our back yard and I can still see Caw hopping along the fence talking to me as I walked along the fence.  He would sneak into the house every chance he would get and steal my moms wedding ring from off the window sill while she was washing dishes.  It was so funny seeing my mom chasing Caw around the house trying to get her ring back from him.  He would just hop around as if it was a game of keep away.  My parents had hold me that Caw belonged with his own kind and there would come a day when he would return to nature so he could start his own family.  One day Caw sat on the fence and cocked his black head to look me in the eye as if to say good-bye.  He stood and spread his wings and as he flew of the fence I could hear him saying goodbye and I believe thank you for the care we had given him.  He never returned.

I had a favorite cat that someone had left to die her name was Feather, oh how I loved that cat.  She had a sister which had been dumped also and was always a little on the wild side.  Her name was Blue.  Both had a batch of kittens and Blue not being the motherly type abandonded her kittens.  Feather stepped in and raised her kittens and Blues kittens as her own.  It was during that time I learned to love and care for newborn kittens.  Someone in the neighborhood did not like Blue or Feather so they were poisoned and died a slow and painful death. 
Even at my young age I had no doubt my Father in Heaven could heal Feather and make her whole, after all He had created her just for me and He knew how much I loved that cat and I knew that He loved me just as much.  I sat with Feather cradled in my lap and read stories to her about our Heavenly Father and how much He loved her and me.  I was so crushed when that sweet cat died in my arms.  I could not understand how a loving Heavenly Father when I had done all that He asked could take my friend away.  Years later I learned He taught me that lesson at such a young age to prepare me for the day I pleaded with Him to heal my poppers.  He was healed just as Feather had been healed, just not the way I wanted him or her to be healed.  They were both called back home to their Father in Heaven.

Over my life I have had countless pets and each has brought me such joy.  They each have had their own personality which made me question my Father in Heaven, "Why do you give me the retarded silly ones?"  He blessed my life with them because He knows His impetuous child is just as silly.
All have showed unconditional love and loyalty and a gratefulness for being a part of our home.  Many we have sadly had to assist on their journey back to their creator but when they have taken that last breath in this life they are wrapped in the arms that have held them since they were puppies and I know that as our tears fall our Father's tears fall with ours.  With each passing He has been kind enough to share with me how He is now taking care of them.  Our dogs are always running along this beautiful green hilly area with a crystal stream, with wagging tails and bright eyes.  Our cats are lounging out in the sunny area contented as can be watching the activity around them.

My horse is grazing on the most lush green pasture and when she heard my voice she lifted her magnificent head with some of that lush green grass filling her mouth and made eye contact with me.  Her wonderful deep brown eyes letting me know she was being well taken care off.
These above examples are what make me believe that Heavenly Father is just as much a critter person as I am.

Today He has blessed us once again with seven dogs.  Their antics bring me such joy, espcially after a stressful day, just seeing them running to the fence to greet me or lying their head on my feet as I sit at the computer melts all that away.  Faithful and true in their devotion, who could ask for more.
I loved author Dr. James Harriet the English Vet; it was his stories that inspired me to become a vet.  Unfortuantely my heart was there but at the sight of blood I fainted.  I remember our kind vet who had taken me under his wing to show me the ropes sitting outside passing smelling salts under my nose to revive me, kindly state, "My dear, you have a heart of a vet but you don't have the strength of a vet, stick to training." I took his advise and learned all I could on how to train dogs basic obedience and tricks and then I learned a few basics about working with horses but then we left Nevada and moved to Idaho where I had no interaction with horses until I was married and my husband bought me Misty.

Since I was uable to have two legged children I know the Lord has blessed us with those four legged kids that would drive anyone else to madness with their antics but He knew in our home they would be loved and well cared for.  I'm with Dr. James:

"All Creatures Great and Small
All Things Bright and Beautiful
All things Wise and Wonderful
The Lord God Made Them all."   

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