Friday, January 13, 2012

My Shoes

I am participating in a Time Out For Women Shoe Party/link. 
Where we are to talk about out shoes. 
Since their first introduction I had been wearing Skeecher Shape Ups for work and play.

I loved the fact that I was part of the "in crowd" with my flashy new shoes. 
My profession is nursing and I am on my feet 8-10 hours a day and what better way to tone my muscles then to walk around in my shape-ups.  
I even felt I had achieved much when wearing my shape-ups.

Since my knee injury however, I am unable to wear Shape-ups; Their rocking motion with my weak knee makes me lose my balance and they also cause quite a bit of pain in my injured knee.  
I noticed that other nurses were wearing a shoe called Dansko's.  

They were a more expense shoe but they just looked so weird with their hard clog type design and they looked plain.  
Knowing I would be returning to work with a weak knee, I knew I had to invest in a quality shoe that would protect my knee.  

After visiting with my Physical Therapist about what type of shoe I should invest in, Dansko's was the winner with two thumbs up.  

Once I was able to drive I started shopping around for a pair of Dansko's.  I found a pair that I liked but boy did they feel funny walking in them.  
It took me a couple of weeks to get used to them but what a life saver they have been on my weak knee and they also have taught me a powerful lesson about me.

My Dansko's are not flashy or sporty looking as my Shape-ups were, all in all they are just a plain shoe that quietly serves a greater purpose. 

Looking at my shoes thru my spiritual eyes I came to realize that if I had not injured my knee, I would probably still be searching for flashy and sporty items to fill my cup. 
Fortunately A wise and loving Father who knows His child so very well opened her eyes that serving quietly and foregoing the flash is truly the greater purpose.

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