Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Unexpected Journey

My "Unexpected Journey" began January 1st of 2011.
 That New Years Eve I had really messed up my knee and me being me did not realize I had messed it up until the first week of February when I had a co-worker drop me off at the local Emergency room due to I was unable to walk and talk about pain!

 The nice young man indicated I had "torn" something in my knee and that I needed to follow up with a ortho specialist.  I should have followed up with my own MD and consulted with him then but due to our situation with insurance I ventured out on my own. 
The specialist I chose ordered a MRI and simply glanced at it and gave me some medication to help with the swelling stating, "you don't need surgery, just time,"  From February to June of 2011 my knee kept giving me fits along with my asthma. 
Wound up back in ER with my asthma and then followed up with my trusted MD. 

While treating me for my asthma I related to him my concerns and frustrations with my knee and how it just was not healing.  He pulled up the MRI and simply said, "You need to see a specialist." 
My mouth hit the floor and I vented to him that I had been to a specialist and blah blah blah. 
He smiled and said, "You need to see one of our specialists; after we get your asthma controlled."
Once we had my asthma controlled he set me up with one of his specialists and stated, "looking at this MRI he should only have to go in and clean up that knee, you should only be out of work about two weeks."
 Sounded good to me.

Once the surgery day came and the surgeon was actually looking at my damaged knee, my trusted MD's theory flew out the window. 
I was non-weight bearing for 8 weeks and had to rely on crutches for locomotion.
Now mind you that was an experience, I have never used crutches in my life.

I still smile as I reflect on my MD's and I's conversation concerning my knee. 
Especially the part of two weeks turning into a nine week vacation from work.
 Hence Unexpected Journey; you see I forgot to factor in the Big Guy in the Sky's opinion. 
Next time I'll be sure to consult Him too.

You have been faithful and true in all He has asked you to do.
You've weathered the storms that life has chosen for you and conquered the mountains which were blocking your view.
Thru all of the trials you've had to endure you've trusted in Him whose been guiding you through.
You're amazed at His patience He has just for you.
 Great joy fills your heart because of His great love for you.

One day His sweet whisper brushes your ear,
 "My child, I have great things in store for you."
Your off and running cause you know the way;
eager to greet that oncoming day.
Knowing whats best He lets you stumble and fall stopping you there, dead in your tracks.

As you begin your childish protest,
He lovingly pats your head,
 "My precious child, whom I dearly love;
 tis time to be patient you cannot run.
 Your expectations are limited to your short sighted view
but things may not turn out as you think they ought to.
 Right now there's uncertainity all bout you
 but as you continue to trust
great things will start coming into your view."

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