Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Tsunami

Mark Febuary 1, 2012 on your calenders.  Today a tsunami struck hard and heavy in the big city of Buhl Idaho at 7:00am.  I know you're sitting there in your easy chairs going, "say what?"  "Idaho is not even close to an ocean."  But lo and behold a tsunami did strike and it was a massive wave of neg-a-tivi-ty.

I once heard these words, "When a man or woman faces severe adversity they shatter like glass."
 I had always wondered what that statement meant but today I got to witness that shattering first hand.
I find it ironic that there are people who just plug along in a set pattern with no deviation from their chosen path.  I picture them with eyes down focused on each and every step they take.  Not one time do they raise their head to look at the scenery around them because if they did that they would miss a step and wind up off their neat and tidy little path.

Then there are others that surround themselves with heavy protective outer wear to protect them from the seasons of "what ifs"  For example, "What if it rains I had better be wrapped up and dry so I don't get wet and what if it snows, I don't want to get cold." 
They are so focused on the "what ifs" they don't take the time to un-layer and enjoy the sunshine.

When you throw change into the mix, boy howdy that's when their glass houses come tumbling down.  There's this mad scurry as they run to and fro shouting, "what if" and others whose nice neat little trails have turned to muddy landslides are horrified that they are going to have to step off their trail and go around or heaven forbid they get their hands and feet a little muddy. 
One who is watching can't help but smile at their crazy antics. 

Do you remember how the Isralites were always murmering because Moses had led them out of their great land of Eygpt, (where they were well fed slaves) out into the wilderness to lead them to a "promised land filled with milk and honey?" 

Well they started out on the trip fully supporting Moses but when they did not arrive at the promised land on their schedule they started murmering and complaining and wanting to go back to Egypt. 

A smile crossed my face as I thought of my day today and that Old Testament story and then I found myself wondering,
"Heavenly Father, how do you do it?
Murmer, murmer, murmer, whine, whine, whine. 
Wouldn't ya just like to once zap em with a lightening bolt and say,
"Hello down there!!!!" 
At least that was what I woulda liked to have done today.  I'm sure He just smiled and shook His great head.

 He had to listen to that for 40 years.
 I only had it eight hours but boy was it a long eight hours.
 (I'm sure in bibical times I was right at 40 years)

What is it about change that sends everyone into a tail spin?
Life is about changing and becoming better at who or what we are you would think; well at least that is what I think.

 But boy howdy when there is a change it is like a massive wave of destuction that just took out all life. 
Heaven forbid you give it a chance who knows by some silly measure it might work out in the end for the better; but no it's easier to whine, whine, whine, murmer, murmer, murmer and toss stones at the idea of change huffin and puffin, "that'll never work." before even attempting to make it work but alas that would require us to get our hands dirty and trudge thru some mud.

I blame it on my old age that I'm becoming philosophical and open and receptive to change.
My attitude is "bring it on" if it works great if not oh well better luck next time and the muddier the better.  After all life is one grand adventure if we would allow ourselves to enjoy the ride and not continously go borrowing trouble.

As I was admiring the Lords handi work on my drive home this thought came into my mind,
"The Lord can turn water into wine but He can't turn your whining into anything."

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