Friday, February 10, 2012

What Love Looks Like To Me

Once again I am particpating in a Time out for women blog this months theme is about "love."

For me, love has many faces and each has a special place secured in my heart.  Since my husband and I were unable to have children we have been blessed with the four legged kiddos.  It is beyond me how one cannot feel their great love when they burrow their head into your arm and then peek up at you with their big brown eyes and you feel the gentle brush of their tail against your arm as they gently wag their tales.

Then there is the love that is shared between a husband and wife.  I find it funny that when my husband and I were much younger I just knew I loved him; yet as we have aged and been through some very painful trials I am learning that at my young age I was clueless what love was between a husband and spouse.  We are much older and I am just now starting to get a taste of that special love that binds a husband and wife together.  It is so very special and I know it will continue to grow.

Another place in my heart filled with love was the love my family and friends surrounded me and continue to surround me with on a daily basis.  First hand from my parents and extended family I learned of the special love that forms when one is in the service of their fellow man.  My mom and poppers taught me of that love at a very young age and I have had friends who when needed dropped everything to come to my aid.  Words cannot describe that overwhelming love and gradititude that fills ones soul when they or either the giver or the reciever.  Both my parents have long since been called home but because of their example I became a nurse so I could continue their legacy of service and love.

Which brings me to my next special face of love.  Each morning when I arrive at work I have one of my faves sitting in the hallway and when she hears my voice she instanly beams this radiant smile and asks, "Where have you been?"  Oh how I love that smile and the brightness in her eyes.  Another one that brings me great joy is when another such friend upon seeing me will say, "Aunt Bea, Aunt Bea."  All day long I hear Aunt Bea or I am surrounded by my friends radiant smile.  For me these are truly the faces of love.

But the greatest face of love for me, that has brought this all to pass and has increased my love and understanding of love is the gracious kind face of my Savior.  To be quite honest He is the one that placed me where He did because He knew they would build me a great foundation of love from which I could continue building on.

You see at an early age my mother taught me about our Savior and His great love for us; but she along with a great Primary President who also taught me seminary, taught me that He was not just my Savior He was wanting to be my best friend.  Looking back I can honestly say He for many years now He has been my best friend.

One last thought about love, it has no age limit.  Many who know me cannot keep my parentage straight.  As an infant I was adopted by a young couple who had some problems, so this young man dropped me off at his Aunt's and Uncle's who had raised him due to his own mother had passed away when he was a toddler and his father just left him.  I was 16 months old when he dropped me off and his Aunt and Uncle were in their ealy 60's.  They are my mom and poppers and it is they who set the examples of love of neighbor, love of family, love of spouse, love of self and love of Savior.

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