Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Wilderness

Have you ever found yourself trudging thru what appears to be a dark and dreary wilderness?
Today I found myself thinking about Father Lehi's dream where he found himself trudging thru a dark and dreary wilderness and when he began to lose hope thinking all was lost he seen a field I believe opening up to his view with a tree that had the most precious of all fruit. 

I remember his desire to partake and then his desire to have his family partake also.
 As the story continues there are many that are seeking for that most desirable fruit.
Some make it and fall at the base of the tree and partake, others partake and then cast their eyes about as if ashamed and wander away to unknown paths and are lost and then there are others that never make it to the tree instead they find themselves groping to a "great and Spacious building" that appears as if it were floating in air.

In this building there are many well dressed people who are scornful and pointing their fingers and laughing at those who are attempting to make it to the tree and those who have made it to the tree and partaken of the fruit.  Their gaze is filled with disgust for those who are at the tree. 
I find it sad that many succomb to those pointing fingers and either join the crowd or wander off and are lost.
I feel that I was one who made it to the tree, fell at the base and partook of the fruit.
I have had many fingers of scorn and disgust pointed at me.
But I choose to be like Lehi and his family that partook of the fruit and, "gave no heed to them."
 But their pointing fingers do hurt.
I find myself on a daily basis choosing not to give them any heed and keep telling myself,
"self, you have partaken of the most precious fruit and look at the great joy and peace it has brought you."

I hope I have the courage and faith to continue to trudge along with head held high and continue to give no heed to those who prefer hangin in the great and spacious building because one day their building will fall and "great shall be the fall."

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