Friday, March 2, 2012

Dust of the Earth

In King Benjamin's discourse to the people he made two comments to his people that I have always wondered about; 
"We are all beggars" and
"Ye cannot say that ye are even as much
as the dust of the earth..."

During the period  I was taking care of my poppers, while in for a routine check up, our family md made the comment that I should go into nursing.
 I told him there was no way I was ever going into nursing.
 I was going to go into business.

As usual Heavenly Father had different plans for me
and I went into nursing.
 It has greatly stressed and blessed my life.
 I have established new friendships that are very special and it has taught me a greater capacity of love and compassion along with an greater abundance of worry. 

But each and everyday brings a subtle glimpse of eternity.
I have taken all the nursing class requirements and I have taken other classes to help me become an even better and more efficient nurse.
 But the Spirit has been my greatest teacher. 
He continues to forewarn me when something is amiss or there is going to be a dramatic change.
Today He sounded this little alarm in the back of my mind that something was going to happen and sure enough happen it did.

Two times I have heard my name called as it was called today and when ones name is called like that you know your not walking into anything good.
My first response was panic when I witnessed the scene in front of me but something inside kicked me into action but then I felt a sense of helplessness and as I was looking around for someone to help me this blanket of peace engulfed my being and I "hit it." 

It was like the moments when I would be playing the piano and out of the blue this immense peace would fill my soul and my fingers would start floating across the keys and upon looking at the tear filled eyes of those listening I would feel like I had "hit it."

I am always humbled after those moments because I know there was someone else guiding my fingers and I am filled with a sense of wonder and awe.

Today, that humble feeling left me feeling as the
 "dust of the earth."
I am truly nothing without the assistance of my creator, who created me from the dust of the earth which He also created.

I am forever grateful that He has given me such a great friend and teacher who continues to teach and warn.  May I always have my heart and ears open when his gentle whisper brushes my ear.

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