Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Extra Extra Read All About It

Once again Time Out for Women has invited us to share with all our one favorite thing love to share.
All who know me know that the one thing I love to share is the Good News of the Gospel. 
I was raised a Latter-Day Saint in a partial member home.
My mother loved her Heavenly Father and the gospel. 
My poppers, on the other hand, had been hurt by a comment a member had made about his mother at a young age and walked away. 
Me being my popper's little girl, I also walked away when a member made a remark that hurt my feelings.
I was inactive for 20 some years when battered and broken I found myself standing at the doors of our local Institute building.  There a teacher sensative to the promptings of the spirit took this calloused and indifferent child under his wing and thru love and inspired teachings reconnected me with a loving Heavenly Father that had anxiously been awaiting my return.
In 1997 I went through the Salt Lake temple taking out my own endowments.  In that hallowed place my battered and broken heart had been healed and I found myself eagerly wanting to share that good news with all who would hear.
My poppers was the first; what a remarkable journey that was for my family. 
On my parents 66th wedding anniversary, my mom and poppers took out their own endowment and then we were sealed for all time and eternity as a family.
Shortly after that remarkable day my popppers was called home.
I then found myself needing to share my family's journey with all who would listen and what a grand adventure it has been.
Because I have tasted off  "what joy shall fill your soul if you but bring one soul back to me."  I now show my great love and appreciation for all that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with thru word and deed and when the Spirit whispers I also share my testimony that:
"He lives and loves each
and every one of His children.
No matter how broken or battered they are
He is there waiting with outstretched arms to wipe away their tears and bind their broken hearts."
He never gives up on you or me!

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