Sunday, March 25, 2012


A few years ago while attending an Institute class the teacher made a comment on how the Lord will make ripples in a pond.
The ripple at the beginning is quite small but as it spreads out it becomes larger and larger.

This past Friday as I was finishing up a session in the temple,
 I found myself gazing into the temple mirrors.

 I found my mind being flooded with images of loved ones, memories, and this overwhelming sense
of gratitude and love.

 I truly had a wonderful "a ha" moment" where a kind and gracious Father allowed His child
a glimpse of the ripples He had started in her life and how they had grown and expanded.

In 1997 when I first entered the Salt Lake Temple, I felt loved ones who had passed on all around me.
I shall never forget their love and excitement along with mine on that wonderful day.
At the time I figured they were just excited for me; how naive I was.

1998 came quickly afterwards and I asked a trusted friend to give my poppers a priesthood blessing because he had been so sick.
The words he uttered forever changed my families and my life.
 Those inspired words  were, "Bill you have unfinished business here."
 I could not contain my excitement.
You see I had not been sealed to anyone and who I wanted to be sealed to was my beloved
mom and poppers.
Hence began our remarkable journey.

Shortly after that glorious day when we were sealed as a family, my poppers was called home.
 I remember the day he was called home thinking how grateful I was that I had made it to the temple and was a key in helping my poppers find his way back.
Once again, little did I know that my poppers only the beginning ripple.

As I sat there with tears rolling down my face, my Father showed me how many more ripples had been formed from small acts of Faith and Obedience.

I found myself amazed at how much He can accomplish through "small and simple acts".

That day shall be included in my prayers as a day that I shall never forget.

It is ranked right up there with my other cherished days that I pray to my Father that I shall never forget.
As the closing scenes started winding down, He gave me a glimpse of great ripples yet to come.

May I have the strength and courage to follow His inspired lead is my humble prayer.

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