Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Would I Have Done?

This past week I have been listening to one of my CD's entitled "Women at the Well."
 It is an inspiring CD about the women and their feelings about our Savior Jesus Christ.
As I listen to the lyrics of these inspired words I find myself wondering, "what would I do?"
One song in particular brings that point strait to the heart by asking:

  "If I had been there at His trial and watched as they mocked Israel's King;
 I wonder if I would have tried to turn their hearts to Him?"
If I had been there when they whipped Him
And watched as He fell to His knees
Would I have been willing to offer my own life for Him?"

Pretty powerful words which can really get one to thinking, Would I love Him enough and could I endure?
Another story that has made  me wonder is when Moses held up the brass serpent and all the Isralites had to do was to "look up;" some did but many did not because of the easiness of the way.  

Not to long ago I heard a talk in which a man was explaining that one day he found himself so overwhelmed and feeling like he was sinking that he found himself looking down at his shoes as he went through his day.  
When he got on the elevator at the end of the day, he sensed the doors opening and someone joining him but he did not look up.  He was just to discouraged.  
Then he heard a familiar voice, "what are you looking at down there?"  He immediately looked up into the warm eyes of a trusted friend and replied, "oh, nothing."  

His wise friend then replied, "you know when I get discouraged I always find myself looking up."
I find his friends wise words running through my mind when I find myself wanting to look down and not up.

 After all looking up would require me to tilt my head back.
 I wonder if that was the rationale the Isralites who chose not to look up used.

Ever since I can remember I was taught that all the scriptures were written for us and no matter what trial we were facing we could find a scripture story which would help us pull through.
 After all the writers have been there and done that.

The last verse of the song that I started with ends with these words:

"And all that I want is to be like Him
He was all I hope to be
I would give my life to be
the kind of friend
Jesus was to me."

I love those words. I'm in hopes that when the day comes when I stand before my Savior 
He will wrap me in His loving embrace and say,

"well done thou good and faithful friend."  

Because I was the kind of friend that He has been to me.    

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