Thursday, April 5, 2012

Conference Thoughts

I had to record Conference talks to our dvr so I could listen to them on my days off.
One of the first talks that I caught my attention was made on Sunday afternoon by one of the seventy.

He talked about a young man who had been befriended by some Latter-Day Saint youth and how their friendship had blossomed and with inspired leaders this young man joined the church.
One day as he was sharing his story of conversion, he made this profound statement, "Was it worth it?
Was it worth all the time those leaders spent with me and also the time
 my Latter-day Saint friends took to befriend me?"
 Then pointing at his wife and five children he then answered,
"For me and my family the answer to that question is YES!"
The speaker went on to testify that when one is found and brought back to the fold,
 it affects not just the one but entire families.

A second witness to what I had felt while sitting in the Sealing room of the temple and what Heavenly Father washed over me with my memories of those who took the time to trudge out into the mud
and come to love and get to know me.
 Like the young man, I can boldly testify that,
"Yes it was worth it!'
 Not only did their love and faith in me bring me back to the fold but also my poppers
 and now I am linking my lost and forgotten ancestors.  (Ripples)

The next speaker made reference to "What does the Savior think of me?"
He then gave examples of adjectives the Savior had used to describe those around him,
 "hypocrite, slow to hear and then disciple and friend."

 Once again a second witness to what I had felt when I had asked for a priesthood blessing
 a few weeks back. (I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus)

The next talk came from Saturday morning session when President Uchdorf was talking about contention.
 I loved his comment when he stated,

"I could stand here and recite doctrine and scripture but this talk can be summarized with a two word lecture, "Stop It!!" He then closed with five or six questions to which I unfortunately could nod yes to two of them.
 He ended with,
 "if any of you have answered yes to any one of these questions then I ask you to remember the two word lecture, "STOP IT!"

 I have two new words of wisdom when I find myself in those situations when I sadly could shake my head yes, "STOP IT!"

Oh how I love President Monson, he spoke twice and from each one of his talks I yielded some timeless pearls of wisdom.

He talked about how busy we are racing here and there for things that are no eternal worth and then quoted the scripture, "where your heart lies there lies your treasure."

I had been thinking about blogging on that very scripture but as yet have not yet done it.
He then reminded us that our Father in Heaven is mindful of each and every one of us and is aware of the trials we are facing. (The Roller Coasters of Life)

At the beginning of the Saturday morning session conference he mentioned that we are "one."
Another one of the Seventy spoke about the differences between the gospel and the doctrine.
 It also touched me deeply.
He told of those who believe the gospel are those who daily quietly serve when no one sees but their Heavenly Father and how the doctrine entails serving in the church.
I may have the two points backwards but his explanation was clear.

Since 2008 I had been throwing myself into one of the equations and not attending my meetings as diligently as I should have.
 My rational was, "My profession is a 7-day 24 hour profession.

My Heavenly Father allowed me to believe that for a time but then He gently whispered,
"Lorie, you promised that you would serve me with all your heart, might, mind and soul;
yet here you are giving me 90% and work 110%."
 That gentlecomment cut me to the very quick of my soul.

I immediately made a change in my work schedule and how I was spending my free time.
After listening to his talk I realized that I was focusing on one area
and going strong and not nurturing the other.

Over these last several weeks I had come to the realization I was only getting one half of the blessings my Father had in store for me.
Now I am  receiving all my promised blessings.

It has always been such a great testimony to me that as I listen to the inspired words of the brethrn that the spirit has already whispered subtle hints which lead me to ponder and reflect on how I can become a better instrument in my Father's hands; and when one has the second witness through conference talks you receive that hallowed assurance that you are truly on the path your Father intended you to be on.

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