Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Power of Prayer

All my life I have felt the influence of heartfelt prayers in my behalf.
It is a reassuring power that calms ones mind.

As a teen who was wayward and lost I know there were many silent prayers offered in my behalf
that one day I would find my way out of the darkness and back home.

When I started my incredible journey I offered many prayers for guidance and strength.
Each and everyone of my prayers were answered.
After my journey mom, poppers and I embarked on a journey where once again there were many prayers, blood sweat and tears.
Once again each and everyone of those prayers were answered.

I shall never forget the heart surgeon who was going to put a pace maker in my 93 year old mother.
Just before the surgery he approached my mother and asked
if she would mind if he said a prayer.
My mother took his hand and I was so humbled when this surgeon asked in his prayer that God would guide his hands during the surgery.  He did not share our belief but he was a God fearing man.    

When my parents were called home I once again offered prayers for guidance and along the way I met  many good people who would each and every day let me know that even though they did not share my faith, they were praying for me daily.
 How I grew to love those unselfish friends.

After graduating from nursing school I asked friends to pray for me that I would pass the N-Clex
 so that I could become a licensed nurse.
 I spent many hours in the temple feasting upon the prayers offered in that holy house.
 I could feel each and every prayer buoying me along.

Today as I was assisting one of my adopted grandpa's at breakfast, he grabbed my hand and said, "thank you" and then proceeded to say, "I'm going to pray for you."
With my hand in his this gentle God fearing man said the sweetest prayer in my behalf.
It was one of those priceless moments
that one cherishes deep within their heart.

After his prayer I thanked him for his kindness and let him know that all would be well because of his prayer.

Needless to say my step was a little lighter after that prayer.
In return I offered up a silent prayer in my heart asking our Father to bless that wonderful man and thanking Him for allowing me to rub shoulders with some of His great and noble ones.

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