Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Roller Coasters of Life

As a young child I loved the sensation that filled ones tummy when after a very long climb, for a brief moment you are suspended at the very top of the track and then whoosh!! You are quickly dropped down and continue to go up and down until your head is spinning and your tummy is reeling and your thinking, "please let me off this ride."  I remember stepping off the ride and trying to get my feet to work properly, laughing and holding on to a close friend so you don't fall flat on your face.

Sometimes Our Heavenly Father puts you on an emotional roller coaster which is so painful that you find yourself reaching for Him and pleading for Him to let you off.  But in His infinite wisdom He allows you to climb to the very top and then allows you a brief glance before He sends you tumbling down and all around.

You feel like the car you are on just continues to climb and roll with no stopping gate in sight.
All the time you are pleading to be allowed to get off the car.

There is a moment when you are sitting at the top and seeing a peaceful serene view lying before you and just when you think you are safe to step off; whoosh the car is rolling quickly along.  You hang on with all you have because you know in whom you have trusted and who is ultimately guiding your fast moving car.
Each turn becomes steeper and curvier to where one is not able to make out what lies beyond.
You hold to your faith that at one of the turns your vision of what lies ahead will be restored and you will have a deep appreciation and understanding on what your great teacher was teaching you.
At times you may find yourself wondering, "Is this worth it?"

Just as the flesh is weak, you find your free Spirit crying, "Yes It Is!"

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