Saturday, April 28, 2012

When the Shades are Drawn

In my line of work I am surrounded by those whose loved ones windows who once had brilliant sunshine  radiating into their minds only to find that one day the have shades have been drawn and their minds are darkened to the reality of here and now.

Their loved ones stand by hoping for a brief raising of those drawn shades,
so they can visit with their loved one, one last time.

I have heard their pain and shared their tears as they share,
"I feel like I have lost my loved one twice, once to Alzheimer's and then to death."

Witnessing someone I love very much dealing with this disease with her mother
 inspired me to pen these words:

                                  As a child we romped and played in our own little world 
surrounded with loved ones we held so dear.
Then comes a day our loved one wanders away 
taking their love and assurance that all will be okay.
One faces actions most cruel and unkind,
 leaving one feeling dazed and confused 
and wondering "what did I do?"  

Where once there was sunshine 
there is now darkness and gloom.
One watches helplessly as their loved one
 sits quietly in their darkened room 
surrounded by memories of loved ones 
who have passed from our view.  

To them we are strangers 
whom they've never knew.
With tender hearts breaking 
one searches for the loved one 
they once knew 

and find themselves longing
 for the warmth of the sun 
to once again shine.
With silent tears falling 
they look to Him who understands all 
and in great anguish silently pleads
  for the day to soon come 
                                       when once again bright rays of the sun will penetrate all 
and our loved ones will no longer see strangers 
but will greet us with outstretched arms filled with their love.

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