Saturday, May 5, 2012

By Small and Simple Things

A few weeks ago I had lunch with my favorite Stake President who had been released in 2008; As we were visiting he made this profound comment,
 "Have you noticed that the Lord will place people in your path who you truly need because of their unique talents and gifts?"

Images of people who have walked with me started flooding my mind as I felt the truthfulness of his words penetrate my very soul.

A Primary president who taught me, "nothing with the Lord is impossible if you just believe."

A piano teacher who encouraged me to always play the piano because
I had " a God given talent to play music."

A humble Bishop who taught me, "Be mindful of your gifts.."

A Visiting teacher who despite my indifference continued to leave me gifts that let me know she was thinking of me and then encouraged me to, "Go to the temple."

An Institute teacher who upon meeting me took me and years later took my family and I under his wing and taught me to "truly love my fellow beings and Trust in the Lord."

A noble Stake President who cried with me and then went more than the extra mile to make sure my family and I were sealed.

A great Bishop who also went the extra mile with prayers and leg work making sure my family and I were sealed.

Then there are those true friends who notice when the chips are down, step in and give their all and ask nothing in return.

Last but not least my truest friend of all, my Lord and Savior who leads me to all those who with their unique talents and gifts make me a better person and truly contribute to my cup which truly "runneth over."

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