Sunday, May 6, 2012

Excess Baggage

Last night I attended the evening session of our stake conference.
 I have found that the spirit at that evening meeting and the lessons taught are exactly
what I am needing to hear.
Each and every year I attend with an issue that I am struggling with
and each time someone directly talks about that issue and how to overcome it.

Last night was no exception.
All the talks presented were based on
the Atonement of our Savior.

Ever since I received that Priesthood blessing where I was counseled to "study the Saviors Atonement"
 I have found there is so much more to the Savior's atonement then I can even begin to comprehend.

In today's society the main theme is "Me, Me, Me."
I learned several years ago that it is not about me.

It was during that time I made a personal promise to my Heavenly Father
 (believe me He is good at reminding me of that).
He does truly give you what you ask for if your desire is sincere and no it is not always pleasant but if you continue forward trusting in Him you receive great blessings.

This past year I have learned that whenever I use an adjective to describe someone
 I am being judgmental.   (Ouch)
 The brethren have counseled that one should never turn their back on family to where a family member is "wrote off" and is not spoken to or spoken off because a mistake was made.
This action grieves our Father in Heaven.

Then there's the "contention is not of me but of the devil who is the father of all lies."
One of the first presidency made this simple yet profound statement, "Stop It!"
The lyrics of a song ties in so beautifully with the contention card, "if it's not love then let it go."

Last but not least is the power of forgiveness.
A conversation Simon Peter had with the Savior was running through my mind this morning,
"Lord how often should I forgive my brethren?"
 The Lord's reply, "Seventy times seven."
and "Of you it is required to forgive all men..."

Upon reading and hearing the above counsel one tends to think,
 "No problemo, I can do all the above."

I believe there is a address for that also called,
 "Pride" given by President Benson."
(that one is a real eye opener that cuts right to the quick)

A wise friend once told me that the Lord will stretch us and another great prophet penned these words,
"I show unto men their weakness that they may become strong unto me."
Last night I was shown some of my weakness and boy did they sting.
I was also invited to once again trust in the Lord and let Him tear down a weak beam and allow Him to replace it with a solid beam that would never fail.
Yet, here I am today trying to justify all the good things that I do and is that not enough?
Inside there is this turmoil because many years ago I asked the Lord if I could just put my little toe into an other's shoes.
One that has and continues to inspire me.
Silly me, I thought "oh just a little toe won't be so bad."

Boy am I learning how much stretching comes with that little toe.
For now I am going along murmuring and grumbling along the way hoping for the day when the Lord replaces that weak beam and I can go along and do because I want to not because I feel I have to.

I thank my Heavenly Father each and every day for His great patience and love
 in remolding this rebellious child.

In closing as I was drifting off into a restless sleep upon returning home this thought came into my mind,

" This is but a small moment, this baggage you're clinging to,
 is it that important that you will allow it to hinder your journey home to me? "
My response was, " No Lord, I want to return home with honor. "

His reply, "Drop the baggage."

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