Friday, May 11, 2012

I was Lost But now I'm Found

This morning I attended a session at the temple.
I was seated by a mother,daughter and sister.
I observed that this was the daughter's first time in the temple.

I remember so very well that overwhelmed look.
At one point, the father offered his hand and he and his little girl participated in the prayer.
It was a very tender moment to view.

At the close of the session I happened upon them and observed them hugging each other
and crying tears of joy.

This thought came into my mind,  "I was lost but now I'm found."
Not wanting to interfere with this very special moment I quietly walked past them.
As I was changing, I found myself thinking about the first time
I had entered the hallowed doors of the temple.

There was no family or friends there to share in my great joy.
Yet I have never felt so loved and supported.
I had family there, they were sharing my special day with me
 from on the other side.

Then my family and I returned and I shared in my mom and popper's great joy as they partook of that special blessing.
That day there were many hugs and tears of joy on both sides.

I shall never forget the great joy I felt the day my poppers was reunited with all his family on the other side.
He like me had been lost and had been found.

When my mother was called home I once again felt this great peace, abundance of love and great joy that she too had been reunited
 with poppers and her family.

Just as I stepped outside into the bright sunshine I once again in my minds eye saw that family embracing and sharing tears of great joy and then in a moment it changed and I was wrapped in the loving arms of my mom and poppers and we were shedding tears of great joy that we who once were lost had been found and were never to be parted again.

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