Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Fat Boy

I have always been a critter person.
I guess my love for critters is just in my blood.
My husband on the others hand "liked" critters.
They weren't as much in his blood as mine.
But I guess after spending so many years with me with a combination of "old age softness"
He has a soft spot for our critters.

Mid range of our marriage we had a golden retriever called Lyndsey.
She was a remarkable dog.
At the age of nine or ten we had to put her to sleep.
My husband was with her as the vet administered the "sleeping potion."

Ever since Lyndsey my husband has yearned for another Golden.
I once heard, "once you owned a golden, no other dog would do."
And as my Vet has kindly reminded me,
 "You know the Golden's are the blonde's of the dog breeds."
My husband has always had a soft spot for blonde's.
(Still trying to figure out why he married a burnett who is now gray.)

A few years ago his little sister stumbled upon this very plump bundle of fuzz.
Knowing her brother had been aching for such a bundle she brought him home as a gift to him.
That fuzzie bundle spent more time crawling under the bed to sleep until he got to big to crawl under the bed.
Each time I took him to the vet his weight had doubled.
He started at 12lbs, 24 lbs, 36lbs etc etc.
 Then this small bundle of fuzz started growing 'into his paws."
There was a time we had thought how cool it would be to have a Saint Bernard.
Someone above fulfilled our request in the form of a Golden named Zip, alas Fat boy.

When he finally stopped growing and expanding he was at 120 lbs.
With diet and exercise we got him down to 115 and just the other day he is now down to 108 lbs
with 8 more pounds to go.

Zip's  personality never ceases to amaze me.
 He is accepting and kind to everyone he meets.
People and critters alike.
He is a proud dog who holds himself majestically and proud.
 He is a sight when he stands with head up and tail up looking into the distance.
He is always excited to greet anyone who crosses his sight of vision.

I was getting ready to prepare for my next weeks lesson and had Zipper lying at my feet.
As I was gazing out the window to collect my thoughts, I seen my husband walk by the window; at that exact moment Zip jumped up and ran to the front door.
Seeing that fave guy was not going to come into the house I opened the door so Zip could run out
and say hello.

Knowing how he likes to be out front with either of us I shut the door and came back to work on my lesson.
It was entertaining to see Zip running  around Bob and in between his legs for a good back end scratch.

Then I noticed him start loping towards the center of the yard with wagging tail and excitement on his face.
I knew someone he knew was approaching.
As I continued to watch I seen him happily greet Bob's father who had wandered over.

Upon finishing his greeting he looked towards me in the house and then went running back to Bob.
He continues to run back and forth from Bob to the front door
as if to invite me out to join in the festivities going on outside.

As I have been watching his joyful bounding back and forth and his excitement when some one stops by to say "hi" I found myself wondering what a better place this ole world would be if I like this loyal golden saw everyone I met as a friend and greeted them joyfully instead of with apprehension and distrust.

Enjoying the little moments of life by spending time with those we love and filling that time with laughter and smiles as opposed to negative comments and shortness of temper.

Yes, I can see there is much I can learn from my good ole fat boy.
 Maybe that's why the man upstairs sent him to us.
 He has made all who meet him smile.
And yes he is a 108 lb lap dog but not only that He is also a true gentleman.

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