Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Finding the Humor

I'm not sure when I heard a comment made by one of the brethern that had to do with "finding the humor in all situations;"  But I do remember taking that comment to heart and saying to myself, "self, we are going to practice finding the humor in all things that life throws at us."
I started this humor journey with fullness of heart and you know what, when I started finding the humor in trying situations it made the burden easier to bear.  After all, "laughter is the best medicine."
Unfortunately for me, somewhere along the way I started to loose my ability to
 "find the humor."
It appears, Mr Murphey does not care for someone who eases the brunt of his well placed mishap with laughter and a smile.
It was just last year at this time I was beginning to prepare for the journey with my knee and my upcoming knee surgery.  Wow!  Mr Murphy was knocking so hard that I made the funny comment that He had "knocked our door down."  During that time of uncertainty I was able to maintain my sense of humor and smiled at everything Mr Murphey tossed and sometimes forcefully blew our way.  After all, I had two choices
I could either laugh or sit down and cry.
Even when I messed up my weak knee along with giving myself a good ole fashioned case of tennis elbow (and I was not even swinging a racket)  by joining a local gym and kinda sorta forgetting what my PT guy  fave MD and surgeon had said about, "being very careful with my knee."  
Oh no! I figured I could do a full 30 minute work out el Wrongo! I'm still paying with pain not only in my weak knee but now both elbows.
Even then I was able to find the humor in my senior invincible moment;
Yet somewhere between now and then I have temporally lost my ability to find the humor in life's moments of knock down drag out.
Inside there is a hollowness where there once used to be spontaneous laughter and smiles.
I feel as if I have a fake smile plastered on my face when there are others around and when their backs are turned that smile is pulled back into a frown.
I can honestly say that I do not like that person who is so weighed down with what appears to her like the weight of the world resting upon her tired shoulders.  The burden has become so heavy for her that she is having stress headaches in which her neck and shoulder's are so tense and tight it's going to take her massage therapist's heavy duty sanding machine to work them out.
She even had two cups of coffee just to get through her day.  She who cannot stand the taste of coffee.  (okay it was diluted with creamer, sugar and hot cocoa)
While visiting with a woman with whom I have the greatest respect and admiration I found myself asking her, "how do you do it?  How do you continue to find the humor in such bleak situations?"
 Her response, "lots of years of practice."
Then she gently patted my shoulder and said "One day you too will find the humor and laughter."
She is an amazing woman that has been blessed with such a great gift of truly loving those who are at times impossible to love unconditionally.  I am so blessed to have her as an example and coach.
As I was reflecting upon her amazing gift this scene started playing out in my mind:
During an extra stressful event, Scamp may I add good ole Scamp eager to be a part of what he considered a fun game jumped onto our bed and proceeded to go through the bedroom window screen.  I turn and find this lanky bundle of energy eagerly running towards me;
My first thought, "I'm going to kill him!"  
He ran circles around me as we proceeded to return to the house. 
Upon getting to the house here comes good ole Fat Boy looking lost and left out.  
You see Scamp left him in the dust and poor ole Fat Boy had no idea which way he had ran, so he just stuck around the house until we returned.  
Again my thought, "Scamp!!!!"
Then I found myself smiling at what I had missed.
Scamp has his name for a  reason and he lives up to that name each and every day
and each and every day his crazy antics bring a smile to my face.
Fat Boy's expression that day was so totally funny!!!
Even now it brings a smile to my face as he came loping around the house to greet us like,
"where did everybody go?"
Then there's the antics of Dorky Duke who just looking at his face brings a smile to my face
not to mention the rest of our crazy critters.
Yes, there is still hope I have not totally lost my ability to find the humor it's just been temporally disconnected but thanks to wise friends and crazy critters my drawn down frown will return to a spontaneous smile and my burdens will be a little lighter when I'm once again able to find the humor when life throws its unexpected curve balls.

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