Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Families Love

I remember my mother telling me stories on how her mother would always come and comfort her when she was not feeling well.  I guess that is why when my life is filled with uncertainty I run home to be close to my family who wiped away many a childhood tear.
The other day as I was heading to the Twin Falls temple feeling a little unsure of myself I found this yearning to run to my home away from home and spend some time with loyal friends and wonderful memories.
I called my friend to let her know I was heading her way and for her to be ready to go to the temple with me the next day.
Upon arriving I first drove to where my parents along with my grandparents are quietly resting.
I could not hold back the tears as I sat and visited with my family.
I could feel their loving touch as they gently wiped away my tears and my wounded soul was once again filled with the love that I had known all my life.
I left my little gift in hopes that the cemetery personal would let it stay.
I then went and visited with a cousin who is still living.  My cousin was at work but his wife proceeded to let me know of the struggle they were facing.
Her 39 year old son in law was told he had stage four pancreatic cancer.  He has a lovely wife and children.  Recently he received a Priesthood blessing which has given him hope that the cancer will disappear.  I personally have witnessed the power of the priesthood and have witnessed countless miracles in my life in fulfillment of promises made within a blessing.  She not being LDS does not understand where this valiant young man and his wife are receiving the strength and courage to continue on.  I know the Lord has his arms wrapped around that family and he will not forsake them.
The next day I gathered my friend and we proceeded to go to her brand new temple.  With tears in her eyes she shared with me how grateful she was I had called and invited her to the temple.  She then proceeded to share with me some of the trials she and her family have been facing.
She truly needed a friend and to partake of the great spirit of our Father in His hallowed house.
I promised her I would return and we would have another spontaneous trip to her temple.
I then went to see my brother in his resting place.  I was awed by all the beautifully decorated magnificent head stones which and erupted around him.  Then for a brief moment I felt a pang of sorrow as I gazed down at his simple granite head stone which had no beautiful decorations.  As a tear started slipping down
my cheek, I once again felt his love and gratitude for all that I had done.  I then remembered the day my Uncle and I had picked out his headstone and the design just for him.
Returning to my car I had planned on making the trek back to Idaho but found myself feeling that I had to stop and pay my respects also to my Uncle Vick and Aunt Ruth.  After Terry died I spent a lot of time in their home and we forged a bond that was very special and unique.  I could hear my Uncle Vick telling me, "Lorie when I die there is no doubt in my mind that you will continue to come and see me." He was right.
As I gazed upon their headstone I once again was surrounded by their love and peace bound up my scared and frightened heart.  Across the way was a beautiful rose bush someone had planted for their loved one.  I excused myself and went and took a solitary rose to put on their baby sons grave.  I doubt there are any alive who know how much their baby boy meant to them; but I do.
Revamped and refreshed I started the trek back to Idaho with a sadness that there was so many whom I cared about that were dodging fiery darts of their own but also the assurance they would be alright.
Tomorrow I go and see my trusted MD and friend to see if there is anything major going on with me or if it is just a minor set back.
One thing is for sure, whatever challenge I will be called to face I will not be facing it alone.
Though my family has temporally disappeared from my view they are still close by within my heart.
Their love for me stronger and purer than when they were here.
I am so very grateful for the people they were and the lessons they taught me.
One day soon we will all be reunited and what a joyous reunion that will be.
Until then I know our Father will be with us til we meet again.

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