Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life's Silly Moments

Have you ever had those awkward silly moments in life where you just have to laugh and tell yourself, "I'm such a silly knob!!"  Those moments when your true blue friends and you are the only ones that can truly appreciate that moment and agree, "only you!!"
Just the other day as I was leaving Taco Bell with my fave guys and I's lunch, I had one of my truly silly moments.
As I walked towards the door I was greeted by a very cute young man who looked  liked Johnny Depp in his younger years.  This young man graciously bowed and then proceeded to hold the door open for my exit.  Me being me , found myself thinking, "self, just step in and out of this door just so I can be in awe of this young man's cuteness."  With pounding heart, I attempted to walk calmly to my pick em up.
Me being me I posted about this experience on Face book just to have one of my true blue friends let me know how she was laughing out loud when she had read that post.
She knows me so very well; well enough that I am sure she was right there with me in her minds eye.
One of our moments involved our favorite eating place and a really really cute waiter.
At that time she was single.
Our Waiter was totally cute!!  Well me being me I happened to mention to him that, "hey your cute, she's cute, how bout you two get together?"  My friend just about died laughing.  The Waiter took it all in stride.
He never did ask my friend for her number and he waited on us several times after and each time he would smile and joke with us.
Another true blue friend reminded me of the time I went to a Karate training thing with an other's friends husband who was also my instructor.  (Lots of tales to tell about my Karate training)  any who, the presenter who was a buff lean mean fighting machine and smelt so good kept using me as his volunteer.
Oh my goodness is all I can say.  I had been married for quite few years and have lost my poker face many eons ago.  He had me so flustered I found myself tripping over my own two feet and tongue.
Each time he placed my hands on a lean part of his muscle massed chest, upper arm and upper thigh I found myself feeling like I was going to pass out and thinking, "Oh, how I miss the days when fave guy was lean and muscular like this; now he's like me soft and flabby."
My instructor just sat back and enjoyed my awkwardness.
This nice gentleman was even kind enough to ask me if I would be coming back tomorrow as I tried to rush past him.  Breathlessly I replied, "I can't I can't!!"
He just gave me this knowing smile and I found myself feeling like the ground could suck me up anytime now.
My friends and I still get a laugh out of that one.  Because they know me.
Another moment happened when I was in high school.  My best girl and I were out on the "cruise."
We or I had been talking with this really cute guy all the way down the strip.
We were coming to a stop light and I figured we could really get some nice one on one time.
For some reason my friend pulled into the far lane and a car with an "older" couple pulled between us.
My new friend and I were shouting over this middle car.
As we pulled to the stop light they pulled into the turn lane to turn right and we were in a lane where we could only go straight with this couple still between us.
As they turned he started yelling, "Meet Me.......!!!"  I was just for sure this young man was the man of my dreams and I'm desperately yelling at the middle car to "MOVE!!!"  and yelling at him "WHERE!!!"
We hunted all night for them but alas we never found them.  Ah young love.
Last funny snap shot.  The first time I saw my fave guy I was a goner.
Weeks after dropping him hints he finally asked me out for "Pie and Coffee."
At the time I had no clue he had invited me because another kid he knew liked me and asked him to invite me.
I told the kid to take up the whole bench so fave guy could sit next to me.  He was kind enough to do just that.
A year or so later after we were married we once again ran into this young man.
The last time I had seen him,  he was a scrawny teen with the typical teen face issues.  Just not my type.
When our paths crossed again he was a lean mean fighting machine who had made good money by starting his own business.
Hubby smiled, leaned over and said, "See you should have sat next to him!"
All I could do was shake my head and start laughing, "only me!"

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