Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Power of Love

These last few weeks I have been reminded again and again what a powerful influence love can have on ones soul.  I have been feeling that I am in a transitional stage and have had what appears to be heavy burdens resting upon my shoulders, which have brought me to great despair.
a little girl can feel her saviors love - jesus fan artI have even been looking deeply inward feeling that maybe there was something wrong with me that was the cause of my frustration and hollowness.
Everywhere I turned, places which one brought me peace now appeared to contribute to my emptiness.
One morning I felt this immense desire to reach out to a loved and trusted friend.  All that morning I found myself making excuses on why I should not go and spend some time in her little world.  But the feeling that I should go kept persisting.
jesus with angels holding child - jesus fan artUpon seeing my friend and spending an afternoon in her little world I felt myself coming alive once again.
As I was driving home, I was listening to a talk on CD and the speaker was talking about the real power of "Pure Love."  One comment he made resounded deep within my soul, "Pure love can over time even melt away stone."  
In a flash I remembered a conversation I had with a very dear friend who lovingly put his arm around me and said, "How can anyone resist you, you love so deeply."  Needless to say I have been listening to that talk over and over.
jesus hugging girl - jesus fan artwelcome home - jesus fan artbe patient - jesus fan artjesus holding child - jesus fan art

Another moment flashed quickly through my mind a conversation I had had with a co-worker awhile back.  I asked her if she would ever leave her facility to spread her wings.  She smiled and said, "How could I?  I love my residents and I love those with whom I work with."  I saw the truthfulness of her words in her face.  One could truly see her great love for all those who surrounded her.
Right now with the cross I am called to share with my husband I am finding that now more than ever I need to be surrounded by those who truly love me.
One could say I am spoiled; you see ever since I can remember I have been surrounded by a family and extended family that showered me in love.  But they weren't the only ones.  At a very young age I knew I had a Heavenly Father who loved me deeply and each and every day in some special way just for me He would over and over show me how much he loved me.
Today I see His great love for me exhibited by those I call friend.  Each and every one of them love me and I them.
As my husband and I face this difficult time, there is no doubt in my mind that my heart will be expanded to exhibit a greater increase of love towards him, so that he too may come to know how much he is loved.
jesus hugging a girl - jesus fan artEspecially by a loving Heavenly Father who knows his name just as well as he know mine and who loves him just as deeply as He loves me.

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