Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Stagnant Body

Have you ever found yourself feeling like a stagnant stream of water, not flowing, advancing or developing?  You feel like you are just standing in one place getting dark and stinky cause you unable to flow.

We have a stagnant body of water close to our home.  It is a dark pool full of dark yucky stuff .
Each weekend my husband goes out with a shovel and tries to open a pathway so that the water can flow out into the empty field but it gets backed up and then just stops advancing.
A couple of weekends ago I was watching him as he attempted to create a flow of water.
As I watched the water attempt to squeeze into the little row he had made I observed lush greenery where the water had flowed and then looking back I observed the dark dank pool of none flowing water.
I then looked out and observed the field was dry and would appreciate a good drink if my husband could keep the water flowing but each weekend we observe an obstacle of some type has prevented the water from flowing and completely stopped its advancement.

As I have been reflecting on what I had observed I started thinking about where I was at this time in my life.
I came to the realization that I too like that small body of water had become stagnant and was no longer advancing or developing.
 I too had hit some obstacles that had hindered and completely stopped my advancing.

Fortunately Heavenly Father always opens a window in which He allows you the to see the missing link.
As I gazed out that window I found myself wondering what I could do more to get me flowing once again.
Once I had made that decision, a new door of opportunities opened up to me.
It required some sacrifice on my part but I have always known in whom I have trusted and I know He is aware and with His wisdom and counsel all will be well.

I am now once again advancing and developing.
 I have even caught myself humming my favorite hymns through out the day.
It has been to long since I have hummed my favorite hymn.
My step is even a little lighter and my outlook on life is again brighter.

There is once again laughter and joy in my heart.
I am finding myself anxiously looking forward to the new day and the exciting challenges it brings.
I am actually visiting with my Heavenly Father, not just talking at Him.

I now have the time to spend quality time
 with family and friends.
Time with our loved ones
 is truly our greatest blessing.

I am in hopes that I will not in the future find myself stagnant but that I will continue to flow, advance and develop into the divine daughter that would make a  Father Proud

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