Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Daughters Heart

A very dear friend who is very dear and near to my heart is the inspiration for
 "A Daughters Heart."

Day after day she's at her mother's side
offering words of encouragement and love.
Silently she pleads with her Father above
to give her more time with the mother she loves.

Lovingly she gazes at her mother's face
and memories start flowing of days gone by
when her mother was once youthful and vibrant so full of life
eager to face the challenges
she was called to endure.

Tears fill her eyes as she continues to reflect

on how swiftly youth fades.
A once youthful body so full of life
 is quickly replaced with a worn-frail body awaiting the day
she would be called back to her Heavenly home.

Racked with great grief at that oncoming day
she reaches to Him who knows her the best.
Great peace fills her soul as she feels His great love.

Tears freely flow as He opens her eyes
to the greatness of the heart He gifted to her.

With heart full of joy
she thanks Him again
for gifting to her a daughters heart

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