Friday, April 19, 2013

Yes, There Is Still Goodness

I am so bad with trying to keep up with the news.
Each time I tuned into the news it was full of  all the awful and negative things happening in our world today.  And to be honest it just makes me so sad when I see such indifference and hatred.
I have heard comments like, "if there were a God, how could He sit back and let these things happen?"
In my belief system I believe that one of the greatest gifts God our Eternal Father blessed each and everyone of us with was the power of agency.
The power to choose who we become and who we will serve.
I also feel strongly that our choices becomes a blueprint of who we are and who we want to become.
Each and every day we make choices that affect not only us
but those around us.

My heart is heavy when I see those of my Father creation using their agency to hurt and destroy
and whats even more sorrowful to me is when they state that they are doing it for "their God."
They truly do not know that God who created them and gave them life.
Unfortunately there is another who claims to be  "god" who chooses to reign with "blood and horror."

Jesus loves you, Kathie!I was deeply saddened by the tragic event that transpired in Boston.  In my mind I cannot even begin to comprehend how someone could hate so very much.  The God I love and serve had forgiveness and compassion within His great heart.  Hate was not even a part of His vocabulary.

Then Waco Texas occurred, the fertilizer plant that had a major explosion.  Hundreds are still waiting to hear about the fate of their loved ones.  How awful that must be.  Seeing your  loved one that morning and thinking he or she would be home that night and then boom, in one brief instant your life is turned upside down.  We are truly not promised "tomorrow."

During my moment of heavy heart all the negative things I have witnessed started filling my anguished soul.  Children killing children, families being torn apart, loved ones yearning for a call from a child, lives being destroyed through addictions, I could go on and on.  My wounded heart was breaking and I found myself crying out to my beloved trusted friend,
"Is there not any good left in this poor old world?"
At the time my cry seemed left unanswered and I was left with a wounded heart begging for reprieve.

I have come to know that my trusted friend will answer my pleas in unique ways.
Later that day as I was trying to focus on my work, which I love, I found myself surrounded by three amazing women.
Jesus Loves YouAs our shift was starting to wind down, the younger woman, a married mother of three started talking about how her and her family started celebrating all the "Jewish" holidays and in so doing she found that they were able to teach their children that "spirituality is a daily thing and not just on Sundays."
I found myself saying "amen" and asking my Father to continue to bless this sweet mother and her family.
I then overheard another peer visiting with one of our clients and giving this young man directions to her home.  She asked this young man if he he had seen the mountain which on the side had this statement painted on it, "Jesus Loves You."
She then proceeded to tell him that her house was just below that mountain.
I could not contain myself, I shared with her how cool it would be to live under a mountain that said, "Jesus Loves You."  She then shared with me that in her spare time she bakes pies and sells them to her neighbors and community and all the proceeds go to an orphanage in Africa.
Needless to say my heavy heart was becoming lighter by the minute.
She and her family are going to take a trip to Africa later this year and are taking a huge care package to that orphanage and a wheel chair to a man who had lost both legs and is unable to walk.
Currently his family carries him.

Tears started to form in my eyes at the great goodness I was witnessing that afternoon with three remarkable women I had just met for the first time.  I carry a prayer in my heart for her and her family also.
At the end of our shift, my ride had not showed up and the third offered to drive me in to the city to my friend's Grand babies house because she could not "bear the thought of me sitting alone in the cold."
I must say my cup truly ran over that day.

As my friend and I were driving home I found myself sharing with her the events of that afternoon and in my heart thanking my Heavenly Father over and over for allowing me the opportunity to rub elbows briefly with some of His most amazing daughters.

Yes there are those who are sitting quietly in the background who receive no media attention but each and every day are filling this world with acts of kindness, love and compassion.
It is they who truly know and love their God who gave them life and who in return inspire people like me and remind me that simple acts of kindness each and every day truly make a difference in someones life and though not seen by many they are seen by one who states,
"fear not thou didst them unto me."

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