Saturday, May 25, 2013

Still Purrin....

Most people have two-three year old's that bring on the saying, "terrible twos."  We have Jobie, who like a toddler gets into everything.  When it is quiet you are on the search for Jobie to see what he is up to.
Looking at his picture now one sees a healthy happy cat but that has not always been the case.
October 2012 my husband and I
were driving to a local diner to have breakfast.
As we were driving down the road my husband commented, "oops that kitten almost got hit."

I looked out the window and I saw this little ball of fur with tail erect, head tilted stumbling across the road as if he were drunk.  Me being the critter person I am, I made my husband come to a sudden halt as I had opened the door of the pickup and was jumping out to get the poor little kitten out of the middle of the road.
As I bent over to pick the little guy up I heard him purring.  As I grabbed him he turned his little head towards me and I was shocked at what I was seeing.  His eyes were glued shut from the scabby type stuff that comes from constant drainage and his nose was also covered with the same type of material to where he was having a hard time breathing; yet here the little guy was purring away.
I jumped back into the pickup with this little kitten bundled in my arms.

Not having a blanket I wrapped him up in one of my husbands flannel shirts.
Poor little guy had no meat on him what so ever.
We got him home and I proceeded to try and clean out his eyes and nose.  Then I placed him in a box with the flannel shirt he had been bundled in.  He purred the whole time.

Honestly I did not think he would make it through the night.  But he did.

Then I set a goal for a week.  If he made it a week I would invest in some Abx and try to knock out his infection.  The little stinker made it through the week and I got the Abx.
Day in and day out you could hear him purring inside his make shift home.

A month later I took him into my vet to see what he thought.  He did not even weigh a pound.  My concern then was I could not get him to eat.  Upon arriving at my vets office my vet asked me how old I thought 'baby kittie" was (that was what I had been calling him)  I related to my vet he could be no more than a couple months old.  He smiled and then informed me I had a 6 month old to a year old cat on my hands.
Due to his rough start in life, he had not matured like a healthy well cared for cat.  I was shocked.
He gave some abx for his ears to try and help with his tilted head and an abx for his eyes to clear them up also.

We continued with the oral abx I had purchased in hopes of knocking out his respiratory infection.
A couple week later I noticed he had this huge oval looking scab covering his right eye which had started to bleed. I was back into my vets office.  My vet removed the scab and related to me that "baby kittie" was going to loose that eye.  Yet here this kitten was still just a purring away.  Even my vet observed that each kittie" he was always purring.
time he had seen "baby
(Jobie did not physically lose his right eye but he is blind in that eye.)

Six months later, after we got the respiratory cleared up enough so that Jobie could smell. He started eating kittie" now had a name, "Jobie."
and putting on weight we got him up to 4.75 pounds before my vet felt it was safe enough to neuter him.  When I came and picked him up I related to my vet that "baby

I shared with him my admiration of Job from the Old Testament and what he endured was such a testimony for me in Faith, Patience
and complete Trust in The Lord's timing.
Yet through it all not at one time did he murmur.
He like my little Jobie kept on purring through all the difficult times.
He nodded his head in agreement and picking up "baby kittie" replied," I like that; Jobie."

A couple weeks later we had a routine follow up visit and my Vet shared with me that he had not believed  Jobie would make it. He was surprised that he became healthy enough to neuter; I had to agree with him because I had been with the little guy from day one.

A few weeks ago I took Jobie in so my Vet could see how he's changed.
When he approached, Jobie was lying on my lap on his back batting at my fingers.
My vet reached down to scratch him under his chin and smiling looked at me and said, "This can't be that sickly tiny thing  you brought in; you switched out cats this is not the same cat!"
Still rubbing Jobie under the chin he observed, "he is still purring."  

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