Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AHA Weight loss tips

When I first became  pregnant in the early nineties I bounced up to over 200 lbs.  We lost our baby and just as I was starting to lost that excess baby weight we became pregnant again and once again I quickly bounced over 200 lbs and again we lost that baby then my brother committed suicide and I quickly spiraled into a black hole of despair and maintained my so unhealthy weight.  When my mother was called home I lost 10 lbs of it and was feeling better at least losing some but then had some physical issues come up with me and put that 10 lbs right back on.  I have been fighting this battle ever since.
Now I am finding myself losing 3-4 lbs and maybe putting back on two; but with my knee handicap I am limited with what exercises I can do safely without tearing up my knee again.
So I have been trying to eat smaller portions, have cut out pop and drinking more water but alas I still like my sweets and I am horrible at eating breakfast.  With my varied work schedule it is hard to maintain a healthy diet.  But I have been trying to snack on healthy snacks at work instead of Bit o Honeys or Taffy.
So if you are like me it is nice to have encouraging reasonable ideas on weight loss.  
I really enjoyed this AHA's ideas and so here I am sharing them with you.
To all like me who is trying to lose this excess weight and get back to a healthier weight, good luck and know that I am right there taking a step or two forward and two steps back with you but I am still trying and no I am not stepping on a scale each day way to depressing for me.
I am going by my clothes fitting looser or tighter on a bad week:)
Hang in there one day we shall succeed and high fives to us!
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"To move the world we must first move ourselves" - Socrates

"We support you

The American Heart Association supports your goal to lose weight for healthier living. If you're overweight, don't waste your energy feeling bad about it. Instead, embrace your decision and use your energy to make it happen. Your choice can dramatically reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke and could increase the quality and length of your life. Here's what you can do to work toward your goal.
Plan for success one day at a timeEach day is a new opportunity to make healthy choices. What steps have you taken during the last few weeks to reach your goal?
  • Find out your calorie needs. Learn how much food your body needs to thrive and how much is too much. Learn the proper serving sizes and pay attention to the nutrition facts panel on foods. Take in fewer calories by controlling portions.
  • Track your eating for a day or two. Writing down what you eat will help you recognize your habits. Even if you only dedicate one or two days to food journaling, the practice will help you to be more mindful of your choices.
  • Plan healthy substitutes. Love cakes and donuts? Learn to satisfy that craving with a healthy substitute like a whole grain food like bread or cereal with a small amount of fruit and yogurt. If you crave crunchy foods like chips, allow yourself two or three chips and a handful of baby carrots. Plan well and select substitutes you'll really enjoy!
  • Get active. Your goal is to burn more calories than you take in. For weight loss, we suggest you learn how many calories you're burning and get a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes of vigorous activity. Even when you're short on time, finding ways to squeeze in short bouts of physical activity for at least 10 minutes three times each day is good for your heart health and your mind.
  • Encourage yourself; just keep moving! Record your achievements and efforts, no matter how small. You can do this one day at a time, and by keeping at it, you will achieve your goals.
Building healthier lives together, one heart at a time!" 

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