Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Candy Bar Stage

This past week I have been pulling double shifts and I have come to the realization that when I become overally tired I begin to think of the silliest things to help keep myself awake at  3:00 am.
Hence one morning during my double shift, I reached into my trusty bag for a kick of chocolate in hopes of keeping my eyes from rolling to the back of my head and as I took my first bite this blog was formed.  Hence, "My Candy Bar Stage."  Now sit back with your favorite candy bar and enjoy!

I have just come to the realization that I have begun to go through a "Candy Bar Stage."
There was a time I was on a Heath bar/Hershey Symphony with toffee chip kick.  Those were the only two candy bars I desired.  Possibly because I kept burning my toffee candy in Home EC and figured that I would never be able to make my own home made toffee.

Then I moved on to the Almond Snickers and Milky Way bars.  It was near to heaven that creamy caramel and that divine nougat  mixed with almonds.  Those were my candy bar of choice when I was attempting to pass my college algebra class just a few years back:)

But here for the last several months I have been on a Twix and Kit Kat kick.  When the job gets just a little stressful I take my lunch break and run down to the local C-store and get a fountain Pepsi and a king size Twix bar.  Night goes much smoother mentally after the caffeine-chocolate fix.

Once in a great while I travel back to my early childhood favorites the Three Musketeers, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth or the not so fan favorite Almond Joy.  I love that bar and of course I am a little nuttie.  When I bite into one of those bars fun childhood memories fill my mind.

But then there are those old classics that one never tires of, M&M's especially the almond for me (yes I have a thing for almonds, love em!) or the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.  Who can resist that creamy dose of chocolate and peanut butter.  (I'm sorry a Hershey chocolate bar dipped in peanut butter is just not the same.)

Now that I am aware of my evolving stage of candy bars I 'm quite curious to see what two candy bars will appear to replace my Twix and Kit Kat fix and what period of my life I will be passing through.

Now here are some fun facts I found online about your favorite candy bar and what it says about you.  Courtesy of Nicole Barrett writer for Norfolk Dessert:

"If you like Snickers, you obviously have a sense of humor. (hehe)"  ( Amen to this one)
If you like Reese's Peanut Butter cups you must enjoy the yin and yang of life; the little bit of salty and sweet, if you will."
"If you like Payday you are nuts and are waiting for your paycheck to come around."
"If you desire York Peppermint Patties you are either in need of brushing your teeth or you want to go skiing in Aspen."
"If you love Hershey's Bar, you are a person with classic taste.  You may or may not own a little black dress, a sensible pair of running shoes or a yellow lab."
 ( my hubbie loves the classics no yellow lab but we have goldens)
"If you like M&M's you enjoy bright colors."
"If you like peanut M&M's you enjoy bright colors the shape of eggs.  Little baby bird eggs; but with color. Yea."  (must admit I love bright colors)
"If you like a 1000 grand bar, you are a person with money envy or a rich man with a deep seated need to show off."
"If you are a fan of Nestle's Crunch you are definitely not fooling anyone with your whole 'crisp rice' facade."
"If you like Hershey's kisses you need a date."
"If you adore the Kit Kat bar you are just one subsection of the population who finds that 'gimmie a break-gimmie a break-break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar' a catchy tune."
(I must admit I think their tune is catchy so I am guilty as charged)
"If you are a fan of the Chunky Bar....hmmm...well there's no polite way to assess that one...mosey along now."
"If you can't live without the warmth and the loving caress of the Milky Way bar, you must have wanted to be an astronomer when you were a child but once you started studying that stuff as an adult your were like 'whoa this is way to heavy man'..."
(for me it was college algebra and it was "whoa this is to heavy man")
"If you like the Mounds or Almond Joy bar, you are obviously an alien. Who likes those things? Yuck."
(my husband reminds me daily how strange I am)
"If you have midnight cravings for a Twix, you are a fan of George Costanza and you firmly believe Twix is the only one with the cookie crunch, like he does."
 (No idea who he is but I do like the cookie crunch)
"If you like the Three Musketeers you like nice simple fluffy pillows, mattress and yes, you like a candy bar that shares those traits."
(I honestly liked the knights who were the Three  Musketeers and thought this was their choice of candy bar...hey I was young and had quite an imagination)
"And last but not least...if you like the Baby Ruth you are a baseball fan or you are possibly none other than Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bade Ginsburg and you need an afternoon pick me up."
(My favorite cousin loved Baby Ruth's and yes he was a fan of baseball, he introduced me to the Baby Ruth bar.)

Well there you have it wrapped up in a nice neat candy bar wrap.
Bottom line there is nothing like your favorite candy bar for a nice feel good pick me up.

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