Friday, June 21, 2013

We Believe ....Article of Faith #3

"We Believe that through the Atonement of Christ, all mankind may be saved, by obedience to the laws and ordinances of the Gospel."

"The Savior's atonement in the garden and on the cross is intimate as well as infinite--infinite in that it spans the eternities, intimate in that the Savior felt each person's pains, sufferings, and sicknesses. 

Consequently he knows how to carry our sorrows and relieve our burdens that we might be healed from within, be made whole persons, and receive everlasting joy in his kingdom."
Merrill J. Bateman - April General Conference 1995

For many years I looked at the Atonement as a way of being forgiven for my "sins."  Over the last few years I have begun to see that the Atonement covers so much more then I can even begin to comprehend.

My second year working as a nurse I was falsely accused of "Practicing out of my scope."  I was hurt and shocked that a co-worker would make such a fraudulent, hurtful accusation.  I was cleared and the responsible party was told they had to apologize to me for the wrongful accusation.
The call was made but no apology was rendered to me, which did not hurt as deeply as the accusation had.
As I turned to a trusted friend and poured my pain out to him he counseled me to "Study the Atonement."
That was in 2010 and I have been studying about the Atonement ever since.

In 2012 when I had my knee surgery and was struggling with the "non-weight' bearing part a good friend came and again I was counseled to "Study the Atonement."

I am by far a scholar on all that the atonement encompasses but this is what I have learned.

When the Savior was suffering in the Garden, He not only took the sins I would commit but He also felt every wrong and every pain physical and mental that I would be called to bear; but not only me He suffered for each and everyone who has ever and who will ever live on this earth.

A few years back I was participating in a New Testament class and it really brought home His suffering.
One day the teacher shared this story:

"One day a young man was reflecting on his life when all of the sudden the Savior appeared and invited this young man to come and walk with Him.  The young man accepted the Savior's extended hand and they started walking through his life.  At first everything was fine but then they started to approach some areas in this young man's life in which he did not want the Savior to see.  As He started pulling back the Savior reassured him that all would be okay and so they continued on.  With eyes filled with shame and pain this young man could not bear to look at the Savior but when he could stand it no longer, he turned with tears in his eyes to apologize and explain to the Savior what had been going on.  As he turned he longer saw the Savior standing besides him; instead he was kneeling on the ground with blood pouring from every pore.
This moment broke this young mans heart as this thought passed through his mind,
'How many drops of blood were spilt for me?"
That story struck a chord deep within me and my heart is still filled with anguish at the senseless suffering I caused my beloved Savor, almost daily I ask myself, "How Many drops were spilt for me?"

I have had some trauma in my life that has caused me great mental anguish and I can honestly say I have not met to many people who can even begin to comprehend the pain I have endured or the buried scars that continue across my once broken heart but one fact I do know is that My Savior and friend does understand and He has helped ease the Pain and has granted me peace of mind and soul because He has been there.

As for the false accusations and pointing fingers which cause anguish to my soul I have learned that no one better knows about that then the Savior and as He forgave I need to forgive also and that is also somehow intertwined with His great Atonement.

Last but not least I am so grateful that for all His suffering He has given us the greatest gift.  He broke the bands of death that we may all arise one day and have our bodies reunited with our Spirits which give this clay tabernacle life.  Our resurrected bodies will be perfect; none of the imperfections we have had in this mortal life will we have in the next.
I look forward to that grand and majestic day.

3941679_infinite_atonement_detailAs I have been studying about the Atonement I came across this wonderful book titiled:

The Infinite Atonement
by Tad R Callister

Within its pages I have found much to think about concerning the Atonement.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who like me has a sincere desire to learn all they can about the Atonement of our Savior.

May we all partake of this wondrous gift that has been offered to us is my humble prayer. 

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