Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Animal Spirit

A few days ago I had lunch with a friend and we started talking about our "Animal Spirit."
She shared with me that she had a Native American friend who had taught her how to find her
 "Animal Spirit."

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with Native American customs.
I have read many books about all the various tribes.
When I was around 10 or 11 my parents shared with me that I was adopted.
In deciding if I wanted to find my biological parents I began obtaining information about them.
I was quite surprised to learn that my biological mother was a Ute/Paiute Indian and my Father was Mexican.  (Since finding out about his blood line I have been very interested in learning more about the Mexican culture)

As she told me about how she discovered her "Spirit Animal" I found myself reflecting on what animal would be my Animal Spirit.

Without hesitation Dorky Duke popped into my mind.
Upon seeing Dorky Duke in my mind,
I instantly started laughing so hard I had tears running down my face.
She in return started laughing as I proceeded to introduce her to Dorky Duke, my Animal Spirit.

Dorky Duke is the blond version of our Fat Boy.
All one has to do is to look into his face and he brings a smile.
He usually has a ball in his mouth and he just gives you this dorky look that makes you smile.
Since it is so easy for me to poke fun at myself and laugh at my antics, I find that like Dorky Duke, people just can't help but smile as I share with them one of my silly adventures.

When I raise my voice all dogs scatter; not Dorky Duke,
 he looks around like "Where'd everybody go?"
Then he comes a running to me wanting to play.
If I try and scold him he extends his front paws and lowers his chest to the ground with tail wagging and starts barking at me.
He then jumps up and grabs my hand in his mouth and proceeds to  lead me where he would like to go.
(yes my serious voice is gone and I am trying to contain a smile at this point)
Like him when my favorite guy try's to empathize a point,
I will start giggling at the serious look on his face and start popping jokes.

Dorky Duke hates swimming in the lake but loves having water fights where we proceed to spray him with the hose. When we take him swimming I'll throw him in the lake and he scrambles out as fast as he can.
Once on shore he lies on his stomach with front feet pushed into the sand
giving me  "The look of death" if I even try and coax him into the water.
I too push my feet into the sand and refuse to budge when there is a situation which requires me to leave the comfort of my comfort zone and like Dorky Duke I am giving the Look, "'Don't Even Think About it!"

Dorky Duke is impetuous anyone who knows me knows how impetuous I am.
Age has not slowed me down one bit with that one.

Dorky Duke will toss his ball outside of the fence or drop it into one of his tunnels to China that he has dug and then he will bark until one of us comes to his aide.
(I have learned that he will also bark at snakes in a similar fashion.
A bull snake attempted to homestead in the back yard and Dorky Duke discovered it.
I'm yelling at fave guy that there is a snake in the backyard and Dorky Duke has it cornered.
So my hero goes and attempts to collect this snake from the dogs.
What a adventure that was.
When fave guy gets outside, Dorky Duke grabbed the snake in his mouth and came charging fave guy with the snake hanging from his mouth and proceeded to jump on him.
I was screaming and lockin the back door.
Hubbie got Dorky Duke to drop the snake only to have the other two, Scamp and Meeka,  pick it up and start playing tug o war with it; meanwhile I'm in hysterics.
(What a day that was.)
Like Dorky Duke when things seem out of my reach I will start barking for someone to come and help me and just as we help Dorky Duke (as long as it does not involve snakes for me) friends are quick to come to my aid..

Dorky Duke has this need to burrow his head under your arm, with his rump straight up in the air and then he flops over.
It is cute when we are in the privacy of our home but he'll pull that antic when we are in the waiting room of our Vet's office and he always falls off the bench.
Of course there are numerous people there who witness this antic and start laughing and pointing.
Dorky Duke just shakes it off and proceeds to try it once again.
I'm just as clumsy.
I could site many examples but one happened here recently; while on vacation with hubbie in West Yellowstone as we were walking back to camp I somehow literally slipped of the curb and almost fell on my bottom.  Like Dorky Duke, I shook it off and started laughing and pointed out to my favorite guy how talented I was for falling off a curb while walking.

Last but not least, you could not ask for a more loyal and trusted friend then Dorky Duke.
His love is truly unconditional.
I hope that I can be a loyal and trustworthy of a friend has he is and that I too can love unconditionally.
You know looking at it now, Dorky Duke is not such a bad Animal Spirit after all.

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