Sunday, July 21, 2013

Our Wedding Day

July 20th 1985 at 11:00 am my best friend and I said "I do."
The first time I laid eyes on my future husband I only saw this remarkable smile and the prettiest green eyes.
I knew at that moment I was one day going to marry that young man.

I even shared that information with him on our first date and he related to me, "no, I'm never going to get married because no one could put up with me for the rest of my life."  He also felt that I was to young to truly know what I wanted.
After all, I was only 18 when we first met and he was 23.

One year later after our first date He asked me if I would marry him and I will never forget how nervous he was when he went to my beloved poppers and asked if he would be all right with him me marrying him.  Needless, to say my poppers was more than thrilled and made sure he let my fave guy know what he was getting into by marrying his little girl.
(You see he wasn't the only one worried about someone putting up with them and their quirkiness)

Once all was said and done we sat down to choose the date all I knew for sure was that I wanted to be married on a Saturday and it had to be on the 15th or 20th.  So we set a date for July 20th.
At the church his mother was signing our wedding license and then commented, "what a great birthday gift, her son getting married on her birthday."
 I was floored I had no clue but that was going to be our special day too.

The morning of the 20th I found myself a bundle of nerves, doubting that he would actually go through with it and wondering how he would look in a pair of jeans, t-shirt and hat.

I must admit I was starting to get cold feet after all I was only 19 and how could a 19 year old possibly know about "the one."
I believe it was 9:30 am and my mom suggested we get to the church and finish dressing me.  I made it all the way to the car in my southern bell brimmed hat that I just loved only to realize I had forgot my dress!  What a morning.

I will never forget the look of love and pride my poppers gave me as he took my arm in his trembling hand.  As he was walking me towards the door I remember asking him ,"are you sure this is right for me?"
"After all I am still pretty young and what do I know about marriage?"
He just smiled patted my arm and continued leading me to that foreboding door.

When the door opened I about passed out, there standing at the end of the aisle was my best friend all decked out in a tux with his green eyes focused on me.  My heart started pounding and I felt a case of dizziness wash over me, "He was actually there!" "Oh my goodness!" "He is so good looking!"
Then I was telling my Popper's that I was getting ready to marry the wrong guy because my guy had told me he was going to show up in blue jeans, t-shirt and a hat!
This time popper's gently kissed my cheek and with tears in his eyes proceeded to lead me down the aisle.  He then handed my hand to my best friend.
By then I was in a full blown panic attack, "what if he says no!"  "I'm going to die right here in front of the Bishop and everyone."

The only part of the sermon I remember was the Bishop telling us, "most believe that marriage is a 50-50 partnership, it is not."  Then looking at my best friend he continued, "You give her 100% and expect nothing in return." Then looking at me he said, "You give him 100% and expect nothing in return and you will have a successful marriage."  (we have tried everyday since to follow that good Bishops wise counsel)
Then he got to the vows and asked my best friend to please take me by the right hand.  I was fine until he grabbed my hand and I observed his hand was shaking so badly I found myself again in panic mode, "He's going to say NO!" As my mind was running on how I would pick myself  back up from that rejection I heard his trembling voice say, "I do."
All thought ceased and I found myself in a state of shock he had just said "I do"  He was serious!
Then the question came to me, and I found my lips moving as I whispered, "I do."
Then we placed our rings and he was told he could "kiss the bride."
I shall never forget that kiss there was so much passion and strength in that solitary kiss.
I knew at that moment he would never again kiss me like he kissed me that day.
It spoke volumes to my jittery heart.

We had maybe eight people in attendance at our wedding but it was a very special day for me and for him even though now after 28 years he will down play it as "just another day."

Our marriage has been through some very rocky moments and there was a time we had decided that maybe divorce would be better for the both of us but we fought our way thorough.
My popper's who was so full of wisdom told me one day as I was boo hooing about our troubles,
"Lorie, this marriage is going to be the hardest job you ever find yourself working out, now go home and work it out!"
Oh how I love and miss my poppers but he was right an it has taken a lot of hard work.
We both rolled up our selves and went to work on repairing our broken marriage.
Now looking back I did have one thought right on our wedding day; I had no idea what love meant especially between a man and wife.

I still get butterflies in my stomach when he gives me a certain look and I still get this warm feeling when ever he reaches for my hand or puts his arms around me and I still get lost in those green eyes of his.
Words cannot describe how I feel when he proudly introduces me as "His wife."  He has this look in his eyes and then he reaches out to me and gently strokes my arm or grabs my hand.  (that is when he remembers to introduce me:)  But I have seen that look many times over the years and it is so very cool.
The love I feel for him now has gotten so much stronger; at times I feel that we are truly becoming one.
He completes me in every way and the best part is he is still my best friend.
We're not young like we were but inside I still feel like that giddy girl who first got lost in his beautiful green eyes and actually felt that time had stopped in place that very first time he smiled at me.
Anxious to see what the next twenty some years bring as we continue our journey together.

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