Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Alfred Hitchcock Factor

Ever since I can remember I have been an avid fan of Alfred Hitchcock.
His movies kept one on the edge of their seat in suspense waiting to see what would happen.  Vertigo, The Rear Window, The Birds, Psycho, 
The Alfred Hitchcock hour,
I loved them all.
I can still hear his classic greeting, "Good Evening."

Mr Hitchcock had a talent where he could get ones heart a pumping without all the gory blood and guts which are now incorporated in today's movies of suspense and horror.
Even now when I see a flock of crows I find myself wondering for a brief moment if they are going to swoosh down and attack me.  And alas even now in the shower my heart still jumps if the shower curtain starts moving.

The eeriness of Bates motel still lingers in my mind.

Here is a classic example of how strongly that eeriness is still in my mind.
Last night I did not get off work until 2:00 am.  It had been a stressful night, so I stopped at my favorite c-store which is open 24 hours and got a small fountain drink and a Crispy Cream doughnut.
As I was waiting for the cashier I found myself thinking, "I really need to wash my car it is filthy."
I get some quarters from the cashier and proceed to head to my favorite car wash bay.
I insert my quarters and start soaping down my car.
Then my imagination went wild.

Alfred, had a way of using lighting to make room appear dark and spooky to ones mind.
As I'm looking around, I observed that the lights in the bay or really dark and spooky looking.
I then look around and the normally busy street is dead not one car on the boulevard.
That is always the second hint that the mad slicer is coming to get you;
let alone a woman all by herself in this
seemingly desolate place.

All the ingredients are there for the Psycho to jump out and start coming for me.

Needless to say I am mentally hurrying that timer along because my heart is pounding my palms are sweaty and I am on high alert for the man dressed in woman's clothing, wearing a woman's wig, in high heels carrying a big shiny knife who at any moment is going to come at me.

It took that timer forever to count down.  I quickly replaced the sprayer then jumped into my car and locked the doors.  Then this thought came, "you know they have been known to bust out windows and drag the helpless victim out of the car."  I grab my phone and text a quick message to a friend to let her know that I am currently locked in my car at a car wash bay awaiting for the Psycho killer to come and finish off my already cracked windshield and drag me away.

Then my final thought "okay, now is the time the car won't start. Final sign you are in deep dodo dodo."
I hesitantly turn my key and lo and behold my car starts then I find myself having to drive down the dark and creepy alleyway where this crazy person is going to jump out and throw themselves on my car.
My heart was a pounding all the way down the alleyway but alas no crazy person jumped out onto my car.
(I know the crazy one was the one behind the wheel lol)

I have always had a vivid imagination and once I was heading home I found myself laughing at my silliness but Alfred Hitchcock truly had a way of getting inside this fans head with his stories of suspense.

One last funny thought about serial killers and me.
I also loved the original Halloween with Michael Myers.
Oh man, that story really creeped me out.  

A few years ago my husband's younger sister talked me into going to the show house and watching this movie entitled, "Scream."  Kinda reminded me of Halloween just bloodier.
A young man terrorizes this school and like Mike Myers has a creepy white mask to cover his face and a really big knife.  My heart was literally pounding out of my chest.

I get home and stopped to check our mail.  As I was getting out of the car all I see is this flash of white headed right at my head.  I literally dove into my open window started rolling up the window as fast as I could and trying to lock the doors and grab my cell phone to let my hubby know I was going to die that night.  Typical as in the movies I was shaking so badly I dropped my cell phone unto the floor and was trying to bend over to pick it up when I hear something hit my window.

Oh my goodness my heart literally jumped into my throat.  I know all the blood in my body had rushed into my feet as I worked up the courage to look and see my would be attacker...(Crescendo of music as she reaches for the door....)

It was my dog Freckles!!!

Anyone who knew Freckle's knew she was part escape artist we could not find a fence to hold her in.
She never ran away just hung around the property and was always excited to come and greet us when she heard our cars.  She was a tan and white Akita cross.  Her chest was all white.

I had two emotions when I saw her with her paws on my window looking in and wagging her tail. One was ah she is so cute then the next I AM GOING TO KILL HER!!!

After that I vowed no more spooky movies my old heart and imagination just can't take the excitement.

But I still turn into those old Classic Alfred Hitchcock movies when I see them listed.

You just can't beat his classics.

And after all you never know when you are going to find yourself in a creepy car wash bay in the wee hours of the morning so that your imagination can take your for one wild and fun ride because of all the signs those classic suspense movies have taught you.

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