Monday, December 30, 2013


I wrote this just after my mother was called home.
I have always been an impatient impetuous child.
While taking care of my mother I just felt that some amazing doors were going to be opening and of course me being the "impatient" one I just could not wait.

I had a dream where I was a child tugging at my Heavenly Father's robe hounding Him,
"Is it time yet is it time yet?"
I was so crushed when His great hand gently patted me on top of my head and in the most kind voice said, "not yet little one, the time will come just be patient."

I remember hanging my little head and kicking my feet into the ground as I murmured, "oh all right."

Shortly after my mother was called home those wonder doors were opened, but alas, how I wish I had had more time with my mother.  Hence "Impatience":

There was a child who lived in a Heavenly home struggling with patience a virtue unknown.
She would follow her Father as He wandered around and while tugging His robe would ask,
 “Is it my time to go?”  
She was impatiently waiting the day she would be called to leave her heavenly home and be sent to earth to explore her new mortal home. 

Her Father would smile as he wrapped His arms around her,
 “Your time has not yet come my little one, try to be patient and that day will  soon come.”

Time passed by quickly and the day finally arrived 
but  before sending her own her way, 
her loving Father gave her a parting embrace and then let her mortal journey begin.

A growing child her impatience set in as she plead with her Father to hasten the day;
for she was anxious to become an adult and start a family of her own.  
Her wise patient Father gently patted her head, 
“You must learn to be patient my precious one, you’re time will soon come.”

Tired and wearied by life’s carelessness His heart broken child yearned to return home to Him.  While sitting with a loved one who was at his journeys end,
 she heard her loved ones eagerly calling out to him.  
In great despair she called to them, 
“Please, let me come along with him!”  
They continued calling out to him but one came to her and patted her head,
 “his work is done, but yours has just begun.”

Years swiftly passed and His impatient child was stopped 
by a road block lovingly placed in her path.  
She felt the arms of her loved ones reaching for her; great peace filled her soul as she reached out to them.  
A wise loving Father knowing her best showed her a snap shot of him whom she loved, 
“What about him?  Who will love him and guide him if you return home?"
  Be still my little one the time will soon come when your name shall be called.  
Continue in patience that virtue you desire most.     

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