Monday, December 30, 2013

Save The One

I wrote Save the One in 2010

In 1994 my brother decided he had enough of this earthly journey and took his own life.  That was a very painful time for me and one that I do not talk about due to the scars that still remain.   A few months ago I attended a “Suicide remembrance walk” as I was listening to the presenter he closed with this comment, “ Our goal is to save the one.” That simple yet profound statement has been playing through-out my mind.
As I have been sitting in our Father’s house reflecting on that statement the Spirit asked, “how many of our Father’s children are committing spiritual suicide?”  and before I could answer this memory popped into my mind.  I had been teaching a good friend who was losing his wife and family.  I had borne my testimony of how I believed temple blessings could help heal him and his family.  He decided to take the journey.  One night I dreamed I was sitting in the balcony of the Boise temple.  It was my friends chosen day and I was eagerly awaiting his arrival.  I shall never forget the happiness that filled my soul as I watched him enter dressed in white.  He took his seat and then when asked if any would like to leave they may do so, I watched my friend arise and leave.  I remember leaning over the balcony with tears flooding my eyes pleading with him not to leave and feeling such a sorrow within my heart.  As the doors closed behind him I awoke tears in my eyes and pleading for him to please come back.  My friend never made it to the temple.  He lost his wife and family and has gone back to his worldly ways.
Just as quick my poppers came into my mind.  What a fantastic journey that was.  The image brought front and center was all of us in a blue sealing room, my favorite color with a sealer that also had an adopted daughter sealed to him and his wife.  Tears in all our eyes and when the sealing was complete, my poppers grabbing the sealers hand and with an emotion filled voice stating, “she is finally ours no one can take her away from us now.” 
Last year for my birthday I spent the day in the temple being baptized for my Grand-mothers and other family members.  It was a day filled with incomprehensible joy.  One in particular spoke to me.  It was a daughter of one of my ancestors that felt as if she had been forgotten.  The world had forgotten her but our Heavenly Father had not and He assisted me in finding her and completing her work.  This year was my 25th wedding anniversary and I spent that morning in the temple having all those whose work I had done in December being sealed.  Great was their joy.  No one could keep them separated now.
It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of this mortal journey and very easy to loose sight of “Saving the One.”  I know I am guilty.  I stopped at a grocery store to pick up some things and a good friend had me step down to his register so he could assist me.  As we were visiting I related how busy I had been.  He simply stated, “Don’t get so busy that you don’t do your visiting teaching.”

In the Temple I can see clearly and my mind is brought back to what our Heavenly Father needs His little girl to do.  He has entrusted me to go out and “Save the one.”

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