Sunday, February 2, 2014

Know ye not that ye are in the hands of God?

Over the last few weeks this question has taken a new profound and deeper meaning for me personally.
When my journey began in 1997 I always thought I "knew" I was in the Lord's hands.  I had some remarkable doors open and I have met some remarkable people and have shared some remarkable experiences.  Daily I would share that I could see the Lord's hand working in my life and how He was blessing me at times minute by minute.

This last week all week I have had some very tender experiences that have made their way front and center in my mind and each time they would play out in my mind I would find my eyes filling with tears as I came to realization that even though I had thought I had an idea that I was in the Lord's hands.  I had absolutely no clue how gently those great hands had been cradling me.

I had reconnected with one of my friends and for a season her and I were allowed to travel together and share some pretty amazing things.  But then I felt that familiar whisper and knew that my journey was going to take me elsewhere.
I was visiting with a another friend about that all to familiar whisper and how I was going to miss all my new found friends.
As our visit started winding down my friend with a thoughtful look on his face simply said, "Sister Bishop, no matter where you go I will never worry about you or your family, because you're in good hands."
Then it hit me, "It does not matter where you go, whether I stayed to worship in Jackpot, Hollister or if we decided to move to a remote island.
I would be okay because I was in The Lord's hands."
The forcefulness of that realization totally overwhelmed me emotionally with peace, joy and love.
And I found myself relating to this great great man, "Your right, no matter where I go.  I will be in good hands."
I'm not sure if he had any inclination of the power that his simple statement had on me but I am indebted to him because of that statement I learned a very powerful lesson about me.

Each morning  this week in my minds eye, I could see the Master Potter's great hands molding and smoothing out each little and unnoticeable imperfection in me his imperfect lump of clay.
Each morning I was assured that the Master Potter would settle for nothing less than a masterpiece because He is truly the Master.

May I encourage you as you ponder on this weeks question, "know ye not that ye are in the hands of God?"
May you find that peace, joy and love that only He can give as you reflect on how those great hands of the Master Potter are molding you.


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