Thursday, February 13, 2014

May I Call You Grand-ma?

When I was a little young girl growing up in Carlin Nevada I would always hear kids around me say, "Hi Grand-ma" to this sweet elderly lady.  I one day approached her at our little post office and asked her if I could call her "grand-ma" too."  She smiled at me and asked about my grand-parents.  I then related to her that my grand-parents were all dead and I never had a chance to get to know them.  She wrapped her arms around me and matter of factly said, "well then, from now on I will be your grand-ma."
And from that moment on she did in fact become my Grand-ma.
Oh, I loved her.

She moved to Idaho a few years after we had moved to Idaho and we reconnected while I was in my teens.  Weekly my family and I would go and visit her and her family.  She was still my grand-ma.  Sadly a few short years later she passed and I found myself without a grand-ma again.

As I started developing a relationship with my adopted mother I learned that I did indeed have a Grand-ma.  Her mother.  She was from Alabama.  The first time I met this spunky little tiny lady I loved her and she loved me.  Almost monthly my husband and I received "care packages"
from this sweet
sweet grand-ma.
She told me she was making up for the lost years of my youth.
Again death came a calling and I found myself loosing another grand-ma.

Since I have went into nursing I have had the wonderful blessing of meeting and being adopted by so many "adopted grand-ma's and grand-pa's."
We spend a season together then they too are called home and I
 find myself building new relationships with another set of
adopted grand-ma's and grand-pa's.

As a child because of the age of my parent many kids felt that
 "I had missed out."
 As I look back and forward I think they missed out.
I haven't heard of many that are blessed to have numerous
adopted Grand-ma's and Grand'pa's.
Each and every one of them hold a very special place in my heart.

What brought this thought to mind was just this week a sweet couple I am helping out asked me about my family.  As I shared that pretty much all my family had passed on, this sweet sweet lady piped up and said, "No, you adopt us and we adopt you
and we become your adopted grand-ma and grand-pa.
You are now a part of this family."

That is the greatest gift that nursing has brought to me.
My only regret I did not go into the field until after my parent's had passed.
 But I know there near by watching and beaming as they relate to others, "that's my girl!"

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