Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Wow what an amazing an weekend!!!  I put in for two tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle's Choir Easter concert Handel's Messiah and I actually got chosen for the April 19th show.  I invited a friend and we decided to make a weekend out of it.

We left Saturday morning with the idea of getting to a session in the Salt Lake Temple before the show.  We made it to Salt Lake to late for an session so instead we did Initiatory.  She got in before me and as I was sitting and waiting for my turn I found my mind flooded with the memories of the first time I had stepped into that hallowed place.  A wonderful exuberant young lady sitting besides me brought me out of my moment of reflection when she excitedly asked "what are you thinking about that has you so lost in thought?"  She was a breath of fresh air.  My time passed as I visited with this wonderful young woman.  Then it was my turn to enter Initiatory.  My heart started pounding as I again remembered the first time I had been in that room.  The first lady to greet me took one look at me and then tears started forming in her eyes.  She got so emotional she could not even talk.  The Spirit was so overwhelmingly strong that both her and I were in tears and unable to talk.  The other workers just gave us quizzical looks.  It was an amazing afternoon.
My friend and I then left the temple and found ourselves walking around Temple Square with all the beautiful flowers in bloom it was magical!!!  I shall always hold a special place in my heart for the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square.  We then noticed that there was an Easter art work show going on.  We seen some amazing pictures!!!  Once we had walked through the exhibit we decided we had better eat before the concert since the concert was going to be two and a half hours long.

We found ourselves in "The Garden" cafe; and to boot it off it was prom night.  We were surrounded by beautiful young ladies in beautiful gowns and handsome young men dressed to the hilt in Tuxes.  Our dinner was excellent and dessert was HEAVENLY!!!  The view was spectacular!!!  Feeling very full both physically and spiritually we made our way to the Joseph Smith Memorial building where we got to watch the concert.  The concert was AMAZING!!!!  It was truly a once in a life time experience for the two of us.

After the concert the church presented a short film entitled: "Because of Him."  Oh my gosh!!!  It was so powerful!!!  We were both just so filled and edified that night.  Perfect ending to a perfect night one would think but no, our adventure had not yet quite ended.  As we headed to the parking lot my friend decided to follow a man who seemed to have it all together.  When we got out to the parking garage we found that nothing looked familiar at all.  Yes my friends, we were lost:)   A sweet couple that worked in the Joseph Smith Memorial building offered to drive us around in hopes we would find my friends car.  We were totally lost because nothing looked familiar at all.  Our sweet couple then seen a friend of theirs who they told us would be able to help us because she knew "everything."  True to their word she knew right away that we were in the wrong parking garage.  Instead if the Joseph Smith Memorial parking garage we had ended up in the Church Office's parking garage.  She kindly pointed us to the right garage and my friend and I joked about "following the crowd and see where you end up."  Yes once we were in the right garage we immediately found her car.  Then we got lost trying to find our way out of the garage.   Oh what a night!!!

At one am we found  a motel and before turning in we offered a prayer of thanks to our beloved Heavenly Father for allowing us the opportunity to share such an amazing day.

We are in hopes that again in the near future we shall  have another opportunity for another amazing day filled with love, friendship, sisterhood, joy and more great memories to share.

Here is the link to the short clip "Because of Him"  hope it speaks to you as it spoke to us.  Also in 2015 the Choir is going to release a CD of the full Handel's Messiah.  I'm sure it will be just as awesome to listen to on CD as it was to listen to it live.


I tried to post pictures that the Mormon Tabernacle Choir had posted on their Face Book page but alas since I'm compute illiterate it did not work but if you would like to see pictures from the concert just go to the Mormon tabernacle Face Book Page.  It is worth it great pictures!!!

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