Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day 2014


Because my hubbie and I were not able to bear our children to term due to some medical issues within my body we are counted among the many who were not able to bear children and are childless in the normal sense of the word.

In our world we are surrounded by four legged kiddos that fill our lives with joy.  

world which many cannot understand but that is okay; 
because we do not understand the world of two legged kids.  
But as a wise woman once said, "Can't we still be friends?"

Father's Day and Mother's day are not "normal" for us 
because the focus usually is on those who were blessed with children.  
We on the other hand are blessed in so many other ways.

Because both our Father's are in heaven, 
I decided to approach Father's day in another sense.  

All my friends are traditional mothers and fathers and now are 

I have a new calling in our branch in which my Branch President 
invited me to share uplifting thoughts and insights to hopefully 
edify and lift those around me.  

As I was trying to figure out another message to share with my Visiting teachess the thought came that I needed to share a "Father's Day" message with their husbands.

So I went to the Church's website and typed in the search bar, 
"Father's Day" and here is the talk that jumped out at me.  

Sometimes we that aren't able to bear children forget that we have a Heavenly Father,along with an earthly Father and other Father's who surround us or who in our history has allowed us the freedoms and rights we so enjoy.

I had never thought about my Heavenly Father celebrating "Father's Day."  But thanks to this talk from this day forward each and every Father's Day for me will be dedicated to the memory of my earthly Poppers and I will honor and pay homage to both my Poppers and my Eternal Father each and every day of the year as I strive to become more like Him.

So Happy Father's Day to each and every wise Father past and present that has influenced and continue to influence my life.  

May we always remember the sacrifices made by many a Father that some may not have even thought to pay tribute to on this wonderful day. 

"Every Day a Father’s Day
Father’s Day is usually celebrated one day every June, but there can be other father’s days too. 
Fathers never stop being fathers, even when the holiday is over.
Besides your earthly father, who is the father of your earthly body, you pray to Heavenly Father, 
who is the Father of your spirit body. 
And there are other fathers who are concerned about your happiness and success—
your grandfather; your bishop, who is often called the father of the ward; 
or perhaps you have a stepfather.
Countries, too, have wise and brave leaders who are looked upon as fathers by those who live there. 
George Washington is known as the “Father of His Country” because of his valiant leadership 
and deep devotion to the welfare of his countrymen in North America, who wanted to live as a free people.
Simon Bolivar was called El Libertador (The Liberator) or the “George Washington of South America”
 because of his ability to help several South American countries gain their independence from the Spanish 
conquistadors. Leaders in other lands are thought of as fathers of their countries
 because of their loyalty and love for their people.
To show that you remember your fathers on the other 364 days of the year, 
here are some ways to make them happy:

Heavenly Father

Learn to obey Heavenly Father’s commandments by listening to the counsel of your parents 
and the instructions from your teachers. 
Pray to Heavenly Father often. He is real and He loves you. 
Avoid temptation. Satan is also real, and he can entice you to do things that are wrong.

Earthly Father

Few things please a father more than having a son or daughter who is unselfish, helpful, 
pleasant, and kind and loving to everyone.
Learn to work hard, study hard, and play hard. 
When a father’s family is happy, it helps him to become a better kind of person.

Father of the Ward (Bishop)

In addition to his own family, a bishop has responsibility for the welfare of a larger family—
all the members of his ward. Another big responsibility the bishop has 
is the care and upkeep of the meetinghouse. 
Some of the money paid to the bishop as a contribution to the Church
 is used to light and heat the building and to pay for many other necessary supplies.
 The bishop and custodian are especially grateful when we treat the building 
and all its furnishings and grounds kindly. 
Remember—it is really the Lord’s house, a place that can be acceptable to Him 
and a place where we can worship Him in peace and safety.

Father of Your Country

Just as fathers of countries hope that their people will be loyal, patriotic, considerate, 
and law-abiding citizens who recognize individual differences and needs, 
local public officials or “City Fathers” have the same hopes and concerns for their people.
If you show that you remember your fathers’ enduring love for you by the way you live, 
every day can truly be a Fathers’ Day."  
(Friend 1981)

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