Sunday, June 29, 2014


I work with some amazing nurses!!  About a week or so ago I was called out to a new job.
I was excited to see one of my favorite friends who usually works the night shift but due to school he has not been working that much.
We exchanged pleasantries as he gave me a report on our new patient.
As he was getting ready to leave he asked if I would text him and keep him updated on what was happening. He then told me that his wife and him were going to go and spend the afternoon with their son and his children who were up in one of the local camp grounds.
He then reassured me that if he needed to be back to work that night he would come back to the city.

As the day progressed some changes were made and as promised I texted my friend to let him know that if he wanted he could stay up in the mountains and enjoy his family and grand-babies due to a change in the schedule.
His text back was short and sweet,
"Thanks Lady, I'm going to stay up here and make some S'mores with my grand-kids."

As I read his reply I found myself smiling and then my mind was flooded with memories of my family and our friends gathered around the camp fire roasting marshmallows and making sure they were the perfect color brown before smooshing them in between the Hershey chocolate bar and graham cracker.
Oh, that was heaven when you got that perfect combination.

Being raised in a small town in Nevada, each and every summer my parents would pack up our trailer and pull it up to Wild horse Reservoir.
Once we had the trailer situated we would leave our trailer up there and come home during the week and return to the reservoir each and every weekend.

We had great community friends who would meet us there each and every weekend.

One such friend had two teen age boys bout 16 and 17.  I at the time was maybe nine or ten but those boys took me under their wing and took me speeding along the lake in their speed boat, (hence my need for speed), they taught me how to rock climb, took me hiking, taught me how to play pool at the local store there at Wild horse, and they were the ones who showed me how to get that perfectly browned marshmallow for the perfect S'more treat.
There were some weekends their girlfriends would come up and we would all be sitting around the fire and telling our stories and roasting our perfect marshmallow.  How I loved and admired those young brothers.

Unfortunately one summer tragedy struck.  These young brothers had decided to go rock climbing and the oldest of the two somehow lost his footing and was killed.
I can still see his parents grief stricken faces, his younger brothers haunted look of anguish and helplessness and I can still hear the cries of his girlfriend.
That was the last summer that family came to the reservoir.
Gone were the days of sitting around the fire with that remarkable family and gone were the days of "toasting" that perfect marshmallow for that perfect S'more.
Oh how I missed that family!

I would ride my bike to their house and tried to visit with them but the loss of that son and brother had left a deep and jagged scar.  If I remember correctly the husband and wife divorced and the younger brother whom I had always known was quick to smile was now withdrawn and sullen.
How my young heart ached for that remarkable family.

I had not thought about that memory for years, it is funny how one simple comment can flood your mind with memories from yester year.
I had not realized how that beloved friends death had affected my young heart.
After his family left the reservoir, my heart was just not into the creating of the "perfect S'more."
I would go through the motions but for some reason that ooey and gooey treat just did not taste as good as it once had when it was shared with special friends and family.

My friend has no idea how profound his comment of,  "I'm going to stay and make S'mores with my grand-kids" was for me.  Because of his grand-kids, those S'mores are for him going to be extra special because they were made with one of the purest emotions, LOVE.

One day, I too will again have those extra special S'mores made with love because I will once again be surrounded with beloved loved ones and those special friends who knew the secret of getting that perfectly toasted marshmallow for that perfect S'more.

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