Thursday, July 17, 2014

"For such a time as this"

A few weeks ago as I was listening to one of my taped "BYU Education Weeks, one of the speakers made this profound comment, "Appointed for such a time as this."
I remember thinking how cool that sounded and I found myself pondering,
"Was I really appointed for such a time as this?"

The speaker went on to give examples of those who were appointed for "such a time as this,"  Moses, Queen Ester, Paul, Alma the Younger, Joseph Smith Junior, Brigham Young, Gordon B Hinkley and Thomas S Monson our beloved Prophet of the church. He gave their stories and then said,
"They were appointed for such a time as that because the Lord needed them and their unique talents."

He then made this statement, "What about you and me,
were we not appointed for such a time as this?
It was no accident why we were saved for this day.
We were saved for this period because of the gifts that we posses,
gifts that He knows because He gave them to us.
He entrusted us with special gifts
that could be used for the fulfillment of His kingdom.
How do we know what those gifts are?"
I then found myself wondering,
"Yes, how do I know what those gifts are?"
This last week I have found my answer to my question.

I recently had a full time job offer that sounded very right and offered benefits that my husband and I were in need off.
The training period went well.
The one thing that stood out to me was two remarkable young men that I had the pleasure of getting to know and I once again reconnected with my adopted baby brother.
I worked one night on the floor and as I put my hand on my car door handle, I had this distinct feeling,
"You will not be coming back here."
I was startled and found myself brushing it away.

The next day I woke up with just a gloom of darkness hanging over me, I actually felt ill to my stomach
As I tried to figure out what was happening my job that has my heart and soul came into my mind.
My boss called needing to talk to me.
I explained to her my feeling of gloom and she then told me,
"we need to have lunch that is what I need to talk to you about is your job."
We met for lunch and sure enough there was some changes happening at my heart and soul place of employment which involved me.
Immediately the gloomy feeling dispersed and the thought came,
you need to go and talk to this new employer and let them know what is going on and so I did.
They simply let me go.
After a moment of panic because I was unemployed once again, peace settled in my heart.

It has been a couple of busy weeks for me, but it has been during these busy weeks I have felt the gentle confirmation that, "yes, you were appointed for such a time as this."

Today I got to spend the day in the temple.
It was amazing!!!  And it was in those hallowed walls that I realized the gifts that I had been entrusted with and how with those gifts I was touching lives.
It brought me to tears as in my minds eye scenes played out in which I was shown the interactions I had shared and how I had touched many lives.
It was truly overwhelming and humbling to see that someone like me was making a difference.
One word, one person and one home at a time.

As the scenes wound down all ended with this same picture; arms being thrown around me, tears in eyes, and then in emotion filled voices, "Thank you, Thank you for loving me!"

In closing I would like to share the speaker advice on how each and everyone of us can know our "entrusted gifts":  "If we open our hearts and allow the Light of Christ in....our eyes shall be opened.  And we will realize we were appointed for such a time as this."

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