Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day 2014


I remember hearing this recording when I was a little girl and it still brings chills and great pride at being here in this wonderous land of Liberty and Beauty.  On this our Nations Birthday, I hope those who listen will too remember how great our country truly is.

John Waynes, "Why I Love Her."

"As we celebrate the birth of our Nation and the freedom we have been blessed with, we thought this recording was worth sharing.  We think you will agree and want to make sure everyone you know gets to hear it too.
John Wayne was and still is an American icon and his heart bled red, white, and blue.  This stirring spoken word recording is sure to fill you with pride and you might even shed a tear or two.  At the very least, it is hard to listen to this without getting chills.
In honor of 238 years of Independence, we present John Wayne’s America, Why I Love Her."


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