Sunday, July 6, 2014

Seek after that which is noble

Today as I was choosing which Women's Education week talks I wanted to listen to, I came across a familiar name Brother Ballam.  Brother Ballam is an opera singer and has traveled all around sharing his vocal talents.  I love his talks because he always incorporates music into his presentation.
Today he was talking about the power of music, the arts and literature and which
"God" is the inspiration of each.

Brother Ballam stated this profound question,
"What is the Spirit in a song?"

He had been talking at great lengths of the "spirit" that comes with music.
He then answered his question, "It is the Light of Christ."

He went on to talk about the various examples of music and how to tell the difference between the "Spirit of the song."  He related stories from the bible involving David and his harp soothing Saul's troubled soul and how it was inspired from God the Father.  He then talked about some of our great composers who credited their inspiration from God the Father
ie Handel and Bach.
He talked about how their music would lift the soul and invite the Spirit or the light of Christ.

He talked about the arts that were inspired from the "God of this World" which does not inspires but drives away the Spirit or the light of Christ and how one knows within the first few strands or first few moments of seeing, hearing or reading, and then we chose.  Do we choose to listen even though we know it is not inspiration from on high and will drive away the Spirit or light of Christ or do we turn it off, put it down or walk away and "seek after that which is noble."

He then made this profound comment, "you don't have to seek for the unnoble, all you have to do is turn the radio knob on your car or turn on your TV and you will find the unnoble."

In my childhood I surrounded myself with music from those great composers and felt uplifted and inspired.
Unfortunately there was a time in my life when I choose to surround myself with the "unnoble.
I found myself listening to the "music of my day."  Some of the music would lift my spirits and make me smile and then there was this darker music that I started listening to which would make my heart pound and leave me feeling empty inside.
Thanks to my best friend and husband I found myself leaving behind that heart pounding music which left me feeling empty inside and found myself once again looking for the music of my youth.  I would sit for hours at the piano and pour my soul out in a silent prayer through my fingers as they rolled across the keys.

Even art work would speak to me. I have always had a love for art.  I was intrigued how someone could take a lump of clay and turn it into such a beautiful piece of art or how through the strokes of a brush masterpieces were created.  Again like the music I found artwork that lifted my soul and I found myself wishing I pick up a brush and create something of great beauty but alas there was also those pieces of art that would like the music leave my soul feeling empty and hollow.

Ever since I can remember I have had a love for reading, you could travel anywhere within the pages of a book.  Oh, how my imagination would wander as I read some of literature's great works.

But again I found myself reading novels that would hinder my imagination and seemed to stunt my mind.

In 97 I made a decision in which I found myself seeking the "noble."  As Brother Ballam was talking I found myself looking around our house at the pictures that are hanging on our walls, I then looked at the bookshelf and found my eyes falling upon the books that lined its shelves.  I found myself thinking about the radio station I had started listening to this year which is a local Christian radio station, I smiled at the realization that each and every day I watch a taped Education week, Woman's conference talk, or Devotional talk before my day starts.  I try to start my day with prayer, (doing so so on that one but I always carry a prayer in my heart throughout the day) and I have been kneeling at the close of the day to visit with my Father in Heaven.

 I've been feeling a need to dive deeper into my scriptures than I have been of late. I have been feeling that I needed to change the way I was studying my scriptures and I am still trying to figure out what it is I want to study; but today on a previous devotional a speaker talked about the Atonement of Christ and related a plea by Elder Richard G Scott, "I energetically encourage you to establish a personal plan to better understand and appreciate the incomparable eternal infinite consequences of the perfect fulfillment by Jesus Christ of His Divinely appointed calling as our Savior and Redeemer."  I now know where my study needs to begin.

Brother Ballam closed with a song which is in essence the 13th article of faith,

We believe in being honest, true chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men;
Indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul--We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to endure all things.
If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, 
we seek after these things."

I hope to continue to "seek after that which is noble."

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