Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lost Little Girl

I recently witnessed a scene that has touched me very deeply.  As I was returning home this thought came into my mind, "Lost Little Girl."
After thinking about it for a couple of days I put pen to paper and here is the outcome:

Quietly she watches as the scene unfolds; in a form of denial on the final outcome.
Her eyes moisten with tears as she witnesses his final breaths.  Her heart filled with anguish she lays her head on his now silent chest.
She glances at you with grief stricken eyes and with arms raised in helplessness whispers,
"I need to do something please tell me what can I do?"

You fetch her a pail of warm water, so she can bathe him one last time and with tenderness and love she gently caresses his face.  While you are watching your mind is taken back to a far distant time when there were three women bathing their loved one who had been hung on a cross.

The time came to quickly when her loved one was taken away and this poor child of sorrow followed them as far as she could.  Once again a scene starts playing in your mind where three humble women follow their loved one up a forlorn dusty path to a opened tomb.

Her loved one is loaded and disappears from her view and she is left standing there at the curb;
feeling lost and alone with no one to comfort this lost little girl.
As you stand there just watching this lost little girl those three noble woman again come into your view.
They are standing at the doorway of that humble tomb as a rock is slowly rolling and blocking their view of the man they called Master.
Weeping and crying they stood and gazed at that rock and just like this lost girl, they were unsure what to do.

But then came that day when the rock was rolled away and when one approached she found her Master no longer lying in that humble tomb.
Stricken with fear she turned and beheld two men at the entrance who presented this great question, "Why do ye seek the living from amongst the dead?"

Poor little lost girl the day will soon come when great shall be your joy when your loved one and you will again embrace and He will wipe away your tears which shall pour down your face.

All because of the love of an Elder Brother whose great love for you
gave this great gift to all who are like you.

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