Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Great Danger

I am on a Testimony though roll.

Here is a brief section from the Byu Devotional that struck a deep chord with me also.
I will be sharing more of his thoughts as I find the time to sit down and reflect on them.

His first thought was entitiled:

The Great Danger

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“A few years ago one of my colleagues came to my office to tell me some sad news about a mutual friend. He told me that our friend had chosen to leave the Church because he no longer believed it was true.                                     I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  My friend was a strong member of the Church, a returned missionary, a well-educated person from a good family, and someone who had served in positions of responsibility in the Church.  And he was throwing away something that used to be precious to him.          I was surprised by how hard I took the news.  I was shocked and saddened, and my mind kept returning to my friend and his family.  I wondered how this could have happened.  How was it possible that someone who at one point had a bright testimony of the gospel and had shared it with others was leaving the Church because that testimony was gone?
In my mind it was a tragedy, and it affected me deeply.  I am sure some of you have been deeply affected as someone close to you has lost their way and their faith.  This is the danger that I worry about:  losing one’s testimony, whether through a crisis of faith or through a slow, subtle decline.  Closely related to it is the danger of “just getting by” with a testimony that is inadequate or incomplete.  I know that each of you will undoubtedly face challenges to your testimony and the danger is very real.
Although I view what happened to my friend and to others like him as a tragedy, this experience has resulted in one positive outcome for me.  It has made me think about my own testimony and reexamine what I believe.  I have looked carefully at what I am doing to keep and strengthen my testimony, and I have made changes.  The result has been great.  As I have done these things that I know I must do to gain the kind of testimony that I want, I have felt the Savior’s love for me, and my testimony of Him and of the restored gospel has grown.  My knowledge is still imperfect and incomplete, but it has been exciting to feel it grow from something that was good into something that is much better.
…I also want to direct my comments to those whose testimonies are not as strong as they should be or want them to be; to those who struggle with doubt or wonder about certain doctrines; to those whose questions prevent them from being able to declare with confidence that they now the Church is true; to those who go through the motions of Church membership for family of cultural reasons but haven’t felt the warmth of a testimony for some time; and to those who maybe their belief and faith slowly drifting away and want to have them back.  My thoughts today are also for those people who, like me, want their testimony to be stronger and want to avoid the danger of letting it die…”

(Mark B Colton:  Never Give up on your Testimony of the Gospel )

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